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MORE UPDATES 12/22! OTE Bowl Pick'em Challenge

Show us what you know!

Hawaii Bowl! Catch the fever!
Hawaii Bowl! Catch the fever!
Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports


Hi everyone, it's Jesse. I closed off our Google Doc driven bowl pick'em a bit prematurely because bowls had started and that's how I had set this thing up. Then I realized, "OH NOES I FORGET BIG TEN TEAMS DON'T PLAY UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS!" So, with that in mind, go ahead and keep putting in your Big Ten picks in the google doc below, and on the 26th, the poll will close. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Also, tell all your friends.



Thanks to SBNation's partnership with Yahoo! Sports, we have set up a group pick'em challenge for the bowl season. Head on over to Yahoo! Sports College Bowl Pick'em, create an ID and a team, and use your OTE handle to rank all the games in terms of confidence.

Group ID #: 7931

Group Name: Off Tackle Empire

Password: sherman

At the moment, the bowl schedule isn't ready for picking yet on Yahoo!, but it'll be up soon. Pick then!

I'll try to post updated standings, both in terms of points and straight up picks (hopefully!), about midway through the contest. Graham willing, perhaps we'll find some sort of cool SBN prize to give to the winner. Stay tuned, create those profiles, and pick away!


Like picking Big Ten games specifically? Like picking them with confidence to show everyone just how much you know this conference? Want to prove that you know the most about the Big Ten's bowl matchups?

You're a sad person.

But have we got something coming for you! Jesse and I (OK, really Jesse, but it was my idea) are working on a submission form for a B1G Bowl Confidence Pick'em, where you pick the winners of only each B1G game and rank them, 1-10. Stay tuned, and make those Yahoo! picks in the meantime.


See the embedded form below for a secondary contest where we're going to be B1G and only B1G and it will be awesome. This is a confidence pick em, so you rank each of the ten bowls from 1-10. Since we had to make this ourselves, there is a chance you choose two teams at the same number. We will throw your entry out if you do that, so check yourself before you wreck yourself.