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Bowl Season Open Thread Day 1: Most Wonderful Time of the Year

In which we celebrate the bowls named after cities, sponsors, and flowers.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning OTE. We may not have a Big Ten team playing today, but that doesn't preclude us from having an open thread, right? There are only so many games left in the College Football Season, and I think it's only right for us to celebrate all of them. Sure, one of those games is called, "Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl," and I'm sure you could have convinced me Royal Purple was euphemism for myriads of inappropriate things, but FOOTBALL.

In a world where we only get to celebrate our favorite sport for five months out of the year, I think it's high time we get over the bad matchups and enjoy what usually turns into batshit insanity during this time of the year.


Anyhow, here are today's games:

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

Nevada vs. Louisiana Lafayette || ESPN || 10:00 AM Central because God's Timezone

I know almost nothing about either of these teams, but football is on at 10:00 AM in God's timezone, so that's fun. On that note, does it get any more home game for UL-L? This is basically their backyard, and Nevada gets that joy. I mean, they also get gumbo, so that's a plus. Apparently the Rajin Cajuns have won this bowl three years in a row already, so let's just assume that happens again.

Gildan New Mexico Bowl

Utah State vs. UTEP || ESPN || 1:20 PM

I love UTEP. They have a killer look, a killer nickname, and actually are pretty entertaining. The downside is that they are technically allowing more points per game than scoring, which doesn't seem like a great recipe for success. In fact, on paper, I'd probably say USU looks like the better team, even without CGA at the helm this year (which is good news for Wisconsin, right? Like, he leaves the cupboard full...). Anyhow, I feel like I should have more thoughts on this bowl, but all I can think is how many free t-shirts must be thrown out during this game. If I were them, I'd make the tickets on t-shirts or something. Wouldn't that be awesome? Wear a Gildan shirt with the bar code? Let's move on.

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl

Utah vs. Colorado State || ABC || 2:30 PM

My jokes about Royal Purple aside, this is easily the game of the day. Colorado State was cruising towards the annual Boise State Overrated Mid Major title until Air Force took them down late. I would give them a pass there, though, because those two teams always have crazy outcomes (due to rivalry and proximity or something like that). They have what is legitimately one of the top WRs in the game in Rashard Higgins, and their QB Garrett Grayson won conference OPOTY, which is pretty great. They'll face off against a Utah team that was a dropped fumble before the endzone away from really pushing Oregon and a really feisty defense that should limit the Rams quite a bit. Oh, and as an aside, did you know Utah is 13-4 in bowl games? Can we invite them to the B1G?

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Western Michigan vs. Air Force || ESPN || 4:45 PM


Okay, I have to admit something. I love PJ Fleck and look forward to his impending hire by the B1G in which we talk about how he's over his head for like two years before he gets it and turns someone like Illinois around and then we're pissed off and... well, it's inevitable.

As to this game? This is a sneaky interesting matchup for me because of the styles. Western Michigan has one of the better RBs in the nation in Jarvion Franklin and after all of our B1G-MAC pieces earlier in the year, I've learned he might be as good as his numbers imply. On the other side, AIR FORCE RUNS THE DAMN BALL, which is always super fun. They're averaging a touch over 270 yards per game on the ground, and will keep the Broncos busy. Again, I've watched one or two games of each of these teams, but the matchup is sure enticing.

Raycom Media Camelia Bowl

South Alabama vs. Bowling Green || ESPN || 8:15 PM

I don't know much about this game either, but South Alabama is bowling for the first time and that might be worth watching in and of itself. Bowling Green was in the MAC Championship game, but that ended so poorly against NIU, that it almost isn't worth talking about. Of course, a late game with two teams that do whatever it takes to win trying to cap off decent enough years? Yeah, count me in.


So that's what is on tap! Remember, if you're open threading, be nice (more or less), don't post porn, don't use racial/sexist/homophobic slurs, don't link to illegal streams, and don't be a jackwagon. Do have fun and enjoy football. There's not a lot left.