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Big Ten Bowl Mayhem!

Will RU/MD/IL/TTFP be left out in the cold? Let us know who you think is in and who's out.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Over On The Banks, we took a look (through Scarlet colored glasses) at the Big Ten's Bowl PredicamentI wanted to pop over to the Empire of Off Tackle to see what the Big Ten populace is hearing and how you folks think things are going to shake out.

In short, we have too many teams that are too good, with a very real chance that a bowl-eligible Big Ten team will be left out of bowl season. Good for national perception, bad for 7-5 Rutgers and Maryland, worse for 6-6 Illinois and the team from Pennsylvania.

How do you folks see it shaking out? Who's in and who's out? What rumors are you hearing? Are your fans aggressively campaigning to get your teams in? How annoying are tTFP fans? Who are you rooting for in the big game today?

Enjoy Champeenship Day!