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B1G In The NCAA Tourney: Where We Stand

Rollercoaster Rides for Badgers, Bucks

Ryan Young

Here's how ESPN, updated yesterday, has the B1G looking:

MSU (3) (trending downward)

Michigan (3)

Wisconsin (4)

Iowa (5)

OSU (5)

Minnesota (11) (trending downward)

Bubble: NO TEAMS


One major change, with Indiana off the bubble and into NIT land.

Wisconsin picked up a major home win over hobbled MSU, one they tried to give away, but beating Tom Izzo is beating Tom Izzo, so they can stick around that (4) spot.

OSU's win streak, which followed an amazing losing streak, which had followed an amazing win streak, pushes the Bucks back to respectability. Do you really want to play a team so defensively focused in the second round of the NCAA Tourney?

Minnesota went from being in a really really good place to being in a dark place, picking up three close losses to the proverbial cellar dwelling folks. Save for Malik Smith's Nebraska Explosion, no one can shoot the three. Bad news. The Gophers will be bubbling hard until the end of the season.

Spartans, Spartans, Spartans...Three losses in five games, each game featuring multiple injured Spartan players not participating or playing injured, each eliciting a different fanbase reaction. I think we can all agree that MSU, playing at full strength, would be the conference's best team, maybe a Top 3 team in America. But they won't get that opportunity for a few more weeks. In the meantime, their seeding stock falls.