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Google Completes College Stereotypes...or, We're Just Really Bored Here.

Let's be honest, it's probably the latter.

This picture came up when I searched our stock photos for "Big Ten." I think it's cricket. Or Aussie Rules Football. Or a kid's science fair project. One of those.
This picture came up when I searched our stock photos for "Big Ten." I think it's cricket. Or Aussie Rules Football. Or a kid's science fair project. One of those.
Michael Dodge

I came across something a friend posted on Facebook from, and it was pretty enjoyable. Typing in phrases like "Northwestern is..." into Google, the intrepid author then put them all on a map. Your text to link here. It's pretty fun.


via Thanks, CollegeSpun.

My favorites, top-to-bottom, in whatever order I felt like.

"Northwestern is my DREAM SCHOOL"

/deep breath





"Michigan State is THE BEST"

OK, so it's not "AN ELITE DEFENSE," but it'll do. Right?

This one just generally made me laugh. All that time, Sparty, and it turns out you were the best after all! It's a shame you can't let that thing with Big Brother go, though. All because he gets more attention...

"Rutgers is SLUTGERS"

I don't know why some of y'all have been calling them "Buttgers" all this time. This one's way funnier.

"Husker fans are THE BEST"


"Terps fans are BETTER THAN YOURS"

Drama! Intrigue! Fight! Fight! Fight!

But seriously, hilarious, right? Does Maryland have football fans?

"Hawkeyes are THE WORST"

(1) Correct.

(2) Typical OTE writer, including something bashing the Hawkeyes. WHERE IS YOUR FAIR AND BALANCED JOURNALISM?!

(3) Correct.


Pretty awful, amirite?!

/holds up high five

//gets none

///high fives self

"Fighting Illini are FOR REAL"

/deep breath




"Wisconsin is OVERRATED"

Sometimes, things don't have to be funny.


No points. God have mercy on your soul.

"Michigan is BADASS"

I swear, if there is one Michigan State fan commenting about this... Break out the Obsession.

"Buckeyes are POISONOUS"

Yes they are, kids.

This has been your Off Tackle Empire Public Service Announcement(TM). Carry on.

"Penn State is A CULT"

Hark! Do you hear? Penn State fans, rushing to defend their Success and Honor against the terrors of the Google Autocorrect! YOU FIENDS! FIENDS!

[redacted]... no data available.

No, this isn't a joke. They seriously left Purdue off the map. They included Vermont and Alaska, yet left Purdue off the map. Awesome. Just awesome. You go, CollegeSpun.