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Assembly Hall is Actually Safe

Seriously, you guys, it's fine.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, so, about that basketball game we were supposed to play on Tuesday....

Yeah, so that didn't happen. However, Assembly Hall has been deemed structurally safe, which is how they were able to proceed with the women's game tonight. It is unlikely that any major repairs will need to be performed now, and Indiana should be fine to hold the rest of its home games as planned.

Although at least one good thing came from all of this.

No word on how long this account is going to last, but if we're lucky, it'll be around for a while.

On a more serious note, the game will need to be rescheduled. No word has come out yet on when the makeup will be, but this is certainly inconvenient for Iowa, who had to fly in and fly out and will have to fly back in later, presuming the game will be played in Bloomington (which is still the plan for right now). It's not great for Indiana, as they were prepared to play Tuesday before the metal fell off, but giving the team a couple extra days off now is probably not the worst outcome for the Hoosiers, as they desperately need something to gain momentum for whatever may come next.

One final thing I want to address: I know it's not all Iowa fans, and probably isn't even the majority of Iowa fans, but to the people calling for Indiana to forfeit this game because Assembly Hall wasn't game ready, I have two words for you. Shut. Up. If this had happened right before the game, or even during the game, sure, I'd probably be ready to give you the forfeit if we had to. But 6 hours prior to tip? No way.

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