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Big Ten Bracketology, February 20


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

And now, an update on the mostly trending downward B1G teams. These seeds are courtesy of an amalgamation of sites, with my thoughts on trending:

MSU (3) (trending downward)

Wisconsin (3) (trending upward)

Michigan (4) (trending downward)

Iowa (5)

OSU (5)

Bubble: ...Nebraska??, Minnesota


Minnesota sure damaged their chances with an Illinois loss. They are off the bubble and moved to "on the fence" with CBS. Please Minnesota fans, tell us what you are thinking this morning.

Wisky keeps rolling, playing their way into a comfortable 3 seed.

Iowa, OSU seem stable. Wins over teams you should beat, favorable schedules.


I'm unsure what to think about this year's NCAA Tourney. Last year, I felt the B1G (and its teams) were in amazing shape for making NCAA runs in some manner. Remember, Ohio State and Indiana were in prime positions to make Final Four's last year, it was actually disappointing from a conference-wide perspective to only have 1 team in the Final Four.

This year? On one hand, the emergence of new threats like Iowa, Nebraska, Northwestern has definitely made conference play more exciting. On the other, B1G teams who do end up making the dance are going to have to muddle their way through incredibly difficult seeding matchups just to make Sweet 16 runs.


Finally - Can we talk All-B1G teams? Right now, I would say - Ferrell, Petteway, Newbill, Harris, RDM