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B1G Bracketology, February 27

Rise of the Rodents

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN provides us with bracketology goodness today:

Wisconsin (2)

Michigan State (3)

Michigan (3)

Iowa (6)

Ohio State (6)

Minnesota (Last Four In, 12 seed)

Nebraska (Next Four Out)

Two major notes:

RISE...of the Rodents. Wolverines, Badgers, Gophers...I technically am not sure what a rodent is, but the title was catchy in a B Movie kind of way. Minnesota gets a seed-clinching win over Iowa, Michigan stays in the B1G title driver's seat thanks to GR3, and Wisky has moved all the way up to a 2 seed. Tough way to lose there, redacted.

If this seeding holds, you're going to possibly get some tasty Round of 32 matchups between B1G schools and schools like Villanova, Texas, Virginia. These are going to be matchups pitting teams with similar talent levels against each other. Michigan State v. Texas, who do you take right now? Would you rather face Wisconsin or Michigan in the NCAA Tourney?