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The Face-Off Tackle Empire

The regular season finale and were getting close to figuring out what seeding will be for the B1G tourney.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A quick look at the current standing going into the final regular season weekend

Minnesota 42 18 13 2 3 0 54 29 34 24 4 6 120 64
Wisconsin 37 18 12 5 1 0 55 38 32 21 9 2 103 77
30 18 9 7 2 1 60 54 32 17 11 4 98 82
Ohio State
24 18 5 8 5 4 47 49 32 15 12 5 103 87
Michigan State
22 18 4 8 6 4 34 47 33 10 16 7 70 83
Penn State
7 18 2 15 1 0 36 69 32 6 24 2 71 120

Okay okay I know the B1G basketball tournament is in full swing, but after a week off last week, I figured I put up a hockey post as an alternative. Also, I wanted to mark the last regular season weekend of the inaugural B1G hockey season.

Our last weekend has Michigan hosting Minnesota at the Yost, Wisconsin traveling to East Lansing to take on MSU, and Ohio State visits the Pegula Arena in State College to close their season out against PSU.

The top two seeds and first round byes are already determined, but the conference championship is still up in the air with Minnesota holding a five point lead over Wisconsin. Wisconsin would have to win both against MSU and the Gophers would have to drop both, for Wisconsin to finish first though, so this could be decided on Friday.

The real jostling will be for that third spot, and the opportunity to face off against last place PSU. It's currently held by Michigan, but OSU could conceivably tie them up in points. OSU and MSU are also very close in points, but if these two flip flop spots it wouldn't matter, they would still face each other in round one.

Penn State is clearly going to finish in last place, but a few good games this weekend could go a long way towards building some confidence and getting them in a good head space going into the tournament.

My gut feeling is that the standings stay status quo and we see a PSU/Michigan and OSU/MSU round one.

Also worth noting, The B1G has three teams ranked in the top 15 nationally in the Pairwise, USA Today/Men's Hockey Magazine, and the polls. So while sending Minnesota and Wisconsin to the NCAA's is a lock, it is also looking good for Michigan at the moment.

There has been some tremendously entertaining hockey this season with upsets, last ditch efforts to tie games, and last second goals. On top of that week in and week out, there has been physical play, fast action and goalies standing on their heads. This season we've really seen it all in the B1G, and I hope it doesn't stop on the last weekend and the B1G tournament.

Only one featured game this week, so if your basketball'd out, or your team has been bounced from the tourney, join us here as always for our Friday night featured game.

The featured final game

Minnesota @ Michigan, Saturday March 15, 7:00pm. TV : BTN