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NCAA Tournament Bracket and the B1G

Print a Bracket, Follow the B1G

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Team OTE -

It begins! March Madness. Two years ago, March was unseasonably warm, which made for an outstanding (sometimes outdoors) watching experience. Last year Michigan made an amazing run, throwing those Maize jerseys into the national spotlight.

This year? 6 teams, featuring a couple #2 seeds and a roaring hot Spartan team.

I'm sure OTE's predictions will be up at some point this week. And frankly, not watching the games or analysis beforehand might actually help in the Tourney. Especially this tournament, which really features no favorites. So please, do four things for me:

1) Download the SBN Bracket for over-analyzing. Here (pdf) it is.

2) Check out the Mothership's NCAA Tourney Homepage here.

3) Enjoy OTE's Football coverage and relive some of the best B1G moments from this season. Basically just get immersed into B1G sports, because the B1G 2014 Football Preview doesn't start until April and the offseason is a long, long offseason.

4) Tell us who your favorite to advance the furthest is (poll, below) of all the B1G teams in the NCAA Tourney.