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NCAA Tournament 2014 GameThread: Nebraska-Baylor

The Cornhuskers push for an upset over talented Baylor


San Antonio, Texas, 12:40 p.m. truTV: No. 6 Baylor vs. No. 11 Nebraska

Let this serve as your OTE gamethread for what promises to be an interesting matchup.


Goodness, Nebraska in the NCAA Tourney. What'll happen next, Bo Pelini finishes a season with less than four losses? Wildness in Nebby right now, and I love the vibe I'm getting from our readers and writers, which is something like, "We've seen Nebraska go wild against top-level B1G teams, let's see 'em knock off the Bears and go after Creighton." I think we all Nebraska winning a tourney game. And that folks (Jim Nance voice) is March Madness.

OTE'S WRITERS SAY: Can we just skip to a matchup with Creighton? Also: "A team that lacks depth and jacks up tons of threes doesn't give us all much hope."

YAHOO! AMERICA SAYS: 24% of America thinks Nebraska wins here.