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OTE Needs Writers For Maryland and Rutgers

Welcome to the B1G fraternity.

Andrew Burton

OTE Team -

Big news. B1G news. Now that y'all will be joining B1G athletic play for the 2014-15 academic year, we're in need of a Maryland and a Rutgers writer. You're part of the fold now and B1G 2014 is starting in less than a month. It's time to teach the Midwest about Old Bay and Stefon Diggs and whatever Rutgers is famous for. Let me know if you're interested. Possible FAQs below. - Graham


Graham, I want to be an OTE writer, but I'm a busy professional.

Hey there interested writer, I think you should definitely contact me about being an OTE writer for either Rutgers or Maryland. Your writing load would be pretty light, you could be a part of the world regionally famous Potlucks, and you could do a couple articles during B1G 2014, then take the summer off.

I've never published anything on the Internet, but I'm interested.

Awesome. Put up a FanPost or send me some past writing you did, I'll review with OTE co-founder Jon Franz.

I don't watch any football or basketball, is that ok?

You'll be fine.

I already write for a Maryland/Rutgers blog. Can I write for OTE too?

Listen. The OTE community knows little about these two schools. Your opinions and observations will be viewed as novel and interesting. You will be hailed as the bringer of news. You can even cross-post exceptional pieces from your other blog. Bring that expertise over here yo!