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The B1G Bubble 3.5.14: Minnesota, Nebraska, and why not Indiana

Let's talk about the B1G Bubble situation... because that seems like a fun thing to do on a Wednesday.

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So here's the deal. The B1G Bubble right now is more or less down to Minnesota and Nebraska. Indiana is probably on the fringe of being on the bubble, but they need some help. We'll cover them at the end, but by all accounts - and expert opinion - it seems like they're pretty much shooting for NIT seeding at this point.

Anyhow, I'm really not an expert and won't try to tell you what to believe. Really, what I know is that the most important thing for all three teams right now is to win and keep winning. Conventional wisdom is that Minnesota is in the lead with Nebraska left with a need for three more wins to make the tournament. As for Indiana? Well, if they win out, they'll be at 19 wins, but with four in a row against Iowa, Ohio State, Nebraska, and Michigan, which would definitely be worth putting back in the conversation. With a win in the BTT, I could see them sneaking in with Nebraska - and maybe Minnesota even - relegated to the NIT.

So here are the resumes (as of 9:00 PM last night):

Note: All RPI/SOS numbers taken from Lunardi via ESPN, KenPom taken from

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Overall Record: 17-12 (7-10)

RPI: 47

SOS: 3

KenPom: 54

Top 50 RPI wins: 3

>100 RPI losses: 2


  • Minnesota is really being projected into the tournament solely on that SOS number. By most accounts, their resume is no better than Nebraska's, if not a little worse due to B1G record at this point, but the OOC and SOS is just remarkable. Bottom line? Minnesota has got to take care of business against Penn State and probably should avoid a first round stinker.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Overall Record: 17-11 (9-7)

RPI: 46

SOS: 37

KenPom: 56

Top 50 RPI Wins: 3

>100 RPI Losses: 3


  • Nebraska doesn't exactly have poor computer numbers, and there is some room to improve things. While Minnesota has the SOS numbers, Nebraska has a better conference showing and is still considered a 'hot' name for committee members. Really, I still stand by the fact that it comes down to getting to 20 for Nebraska - especially to overlook that UAB loss. Nebraska is essentially playing for its tourney life at Indiana now. Tough road ahead, but beat Indiana and Wisconsin and things could get really crazy in Lincoln

Indiana Hoosiers

Overall Record: 17-12 (7-9)

RPI: 74

SOS: 62

KenPom: 58

Top 50 RPI Wins: 4

>100 RPI Losses: 4


  • Look, I don't think that Indiana can get over the proverbial 'hump' to sneak into the tournament, but they are definitely getting close to the bubble. If they beat both Nebraska and Michigan, they'll be 9-9 in conference plus will hold 5 Top 50 wins. I'd assume that Indiana would probably have to win at least one - if not two - in the BTT even so, but that RPI will jump with some good wins and people like the name. If I had to wager, I'm still keeping them in the NIT, but things are looking up for the Hoosiers.