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Big Ten Network Announces Primetime Games

Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue and Wisconsin have zero (0) primetime guys while Rutgers has...two?!

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten Network released their primetime schedule for B1G football and it is...interesting. The list:

Saturday, September 13th:

7:00PM CT: Penn State @ Rutgers.

Saturday, September 27th:

5:00PM CT: Cincinnati @ Ohio State.

8:00PM CT: Illinois @ Nebraska

Saturday, October 4th:

5:00PM CT: Michigan @ Rutgers

Saturday, October 18th:

6:30PM CT: Nebraska @ Northwestern

Saturday, November 15th:

7:00PM CT: Michigan State @ Maryland

So, Rutgers plays in two night games and there's a second night game scheduled in November. Also, Illinois will play in two primetime games (they already have one scheduled on ABC/ESPN). Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue and Wisconsin have a total of ZERO night games which seems odd considering Wisconsin has seemingly played in 3-4 high profile match-ups in the past two or three seasons.*

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Ohio State and Nebraska who both play in FOUR night games.

Five national championships, amirite?

* - To clarify I was talking about conference games.