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The Spring Fling 2014 Wrapup: Looking at our Best of the B1G Picks

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With the naming of our Head Coaches earlier this week, I'd like to put a nice ending on our Spring Fling 2014. Whereas last year, I only promised that we would take a look back and finish these pieces sometime before the season started, this year we have an actual start and end. I mean, how great is that? More importantly , we were able to incorporate the new guys, represent each team more or less, and get an idea of who to start keeping an eye on.

Some stray thoughts before we get started:

  • The Punter post had more FB reposts than any of our other articles... combined. That's so #B1G.
  • Huge thanks to our writing team to jumping in and working on this project. I know that you all think it's easy to keep track of these things, but we're all just fans who happen to be writing for a site that asks us to be experts on 14 teams. All things considered, this was such a better job than we did last year with only 12 teams.
  • Brandon Scherff is probably the best thing ever.
  • Also, Maryland fans vote much like Nebraska fans vote online. In bunches.
  • Similarly, Minnesota fans rally on twitter unlike any other on OTE. So that's a thing.
  • Considering that we really don't watch football, I can definitely say we had a pretty good take on who will be good next season.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the lists and see what teams were represented, who was voted highest, and all that good stuff.

ICYMI: Spring Fling 2014: QB RB DL OL TE K DB P LB


Most Represented Team

So yeah, Michigan State got a lot of love coming out of 2013. Maybe it was the All-Galaxy defense? Maybe it was the fact that we have a lot of great talent leaving and they seem to be the next in line? Maybe it was a Conspartacy? I don't know. Let's just move on.

The Votes

My personal favorite when it comes to this series is the ability for you all to vote. Throwing out the absurd answers - because I feel like it - here are who you all chose as the Best of the Best of the Best:

QB - Braxton Miller - Ohio State

RB - Melvin Gordon - Wisconsin

WR - Stefon Diggs - Maryland

TE - Maxx Williams - Minnesota

OL - Other* (Okay, it would've been Brandon Scherff, so I'll let you have this one, Iowa)

K - Michael Geiger - MSU

P - Peter Mortell - Minnesota

DL - Andre Monroe - Maryland

LB - Cole Farrand - Maryland

DB - Kurtis Drummond - MSU

Head Coach - Mark Dantonio - MSU

Let's do another graph really quick like, shall we?

So yeah, apparently the Maryland voting bloc is up and running. I, for one, welcome our Turtle overlords (so long as they bring crab cakes). Otherwise, there really isn't much to see here. I don't know if any of these guys will finish with awards next season sans Miller and Gordon, but it's not like they're bad preseason picks either.

And the real winner is...