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B1G 2014 // Welcome to the Smoking Room: Hoosiers Edition

Pour yourself another bourbon, unwrap an Acid Nasty Pyramid Maduro, grab a plate a bacon, and let's talk about what it is a Hoosier exactly is.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Good afternoon everyone. I'm happy to report that we're still opening up the Smoking Room each and hopefully we are all learning a little bit about each other. This week, we bring the Indiana Hoosiers to the front of the room. As always, this thread is where we can talk about the local food, drink, customs, school colors, and whatever else you have on your mind when it comes to Indiana.

Oh, and maybe we can get a few threads going on what fruits grow best in Bloomington. I'm sure SpartanHT will have an opinion on that. The Smoking Room is open for everything Indiana.


Founded: January 20, 1820

Size: ~110,400

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Land-Grant: Nope

B1G Since: 1899

Nickname: Hoosiers

Mascot: No, which is lame

Rival: Purdue, Illinois, and probably Kentucky because basketball

Relevant Memes: Reversible Jacket, Oh and remember Crimson Echoes?

Trophy Games: Old Oaken Bucket - Purdue, Old Brass Spittoon - Illinois

Known For: Basketball, Excellent Music School, Great Law School and Law Library, Great Business School, and probably a lot of other great academics. See a theme among the B1G yet?

Relevant Awesome OTE T-Shirt:

Did you know that Indiana baseball is currently on pace to get a Top 8 Seed in the National tournament which means they'd host a regional and potentially a super regional? Know how you can support that team? Buy an OTE Indiana T-Shirt in Crimson or Cream. You'll be able to show those southerners who's boss when Indiana makes a run to Omaha. Or, you know, you can wear it at the tailgate before - and during - the Indiana football games.



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