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Welcome to the Smoking Room: Wildcats Edition

Where we are all probably left in the cold staring at those rich aristocrats from Northwestern through the window, only wishing we had ourselves a fine Cuban and some of that 40 year old Scotch they've been bragging about.

Jonathan Daniel

Hello everyone. It seems like we're getting the hang of this whole smoking room thing, and while I am apparently awful at fact-checking things (Indiana does not - in fact - have 110,000 students on campus), we're still having all sorts of fun. That being said, we are hosting our good friends from Evanston today. Hopefully they can brag about the good food of Chicago, the bars off Michigan Avenue, the best place to get lobster, and where they send their butlers to get takeout.

Consider this the cultural open thread for the day. Maybe SpartanHT has a fruit-related rant about the Wildcats. I'd guess it would be the most insightful one yet.


Mandatory Photo Credit - David Banks, USA TODAY SPORTS


Founded: 1851

Size: ~8500 Undergrad

Hometown: Evanston, IL which is kind of not Chicago but kind of is I suppose

Land-Grant: Nope. Private.

Nickname: Wildcats

Mascot: Willie the Wildcat

Rival: Illinois, probably Iowa, maybe Nebraska

Relevant Memes: Hahahahaha Chair fans...

Trophy Games: The LOLHat - Illinois

Known For: Being smart, being somewhat awful at basketball for forever, imagining football started in 1995, having one hell of a school, did I mention the academics?, something about being our bosses

Relevant Awesome OTE Shirt: BUY YOUR DAD A PURPLE SHIRT! Seriously, though, I really think the Purple is a Top 5 design for OTE.



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