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NFL Draft Open Thread/B1G Potpourri Bazaar

Consider this thread your playground for the weekend, unless you want to do something stupid like go outside.

You stay classy, Jets fans.
You stay classy, Jets fans.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You know the B1G's draft prospects by now- Lewan, Dennard, Shazier, Roby, Hageman, even Latimer are potential first-rounders and could all hear their names called tonight. More B1G dudes will be drafted on Friday and Saturday, and the mothership will have a few snarky articles about how far behind the rest of the leagues the B1G's contingent is. As is churdishun. I worry about whether we've had enough draft analysis over the last three months in the sports media, but there's no time for more mock drafts.

/listens to earpiece

I'm being told there's abundant time for additional mock drafts and that ESPN will have a rolling cycle of mock drafts and Kiper/McShay slapfights until the moment Houston drafts a kicker with the #1 pick at which point the draftoverse will implode and time (on the clock) itself will cease to exist. Too late for the Vikings to get their pick in, though.

Given that we've also started B1G 2014 and the smoking room is therefore open, feel free to discuss whatever else is on your minds; we highly recommend warming up your [ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND] hate for Friday. And, for you loyal readers, a quick little teaser about our next team in B1G 2014: it's Illinois. Sorry, that could have been more clever but I don't know any good Skoal jokes and I'm pretty sure most of you already figured that out anyway.