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Maryland Smartest People - OVERFLOW

You all talk too much.

Hey y'all. So DJ Carver's awesome look at the Maryland coaching staff turned into...well...something else. So here's an overflow thread for all your Maryland-related thoughts. I mean, there weren't many in that thread, but here's a new thread and stuff.

As a future note and reminder, we ask that you guys do your best to keep things as close to topic as possible. Obviously we realize tangents and digressions occur, but we'd love for the root of the discussions to at least be related to the subject.

Let's have a brief conversation, too, about trolling. While we understand that not all B1G fans are thrilled about the addition of Maryland, and not all Maryland fans are thrilled at the prospect of traveling to Lincoln for a football game (which, I mean, you should be), please avoid stopping by just to take a shot at Maryland or the Midwest/B1G. There's a lot we can learn about Maryland and a lot they can learn about us before this is all over, so let's use B1G 2014 as our opportunity to do that, rather than to troll each other and spread a lot of unnecessary vitriol.

If you're looking for a chance to just have a bizarre off-topic thread with a bunch of cool B1G fans, might I introduce the Fan Shots? There's your after-work bar to talk about sports, life, booze, and everything in-between, without the requests from us to stay on topic (or even all that civil). It's a good group of people, and this helps us keep our excellent articles on Maryland this week more germane to the articles' topics.