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B1G 2014 // Welcome to the Smoking Room: Terrapin Edition

There's so much more to Maryland than just seafood and pigskin. Let's explore, shall we?

Good afternoon, OTE. After what has been a very active three-and-a-half days in Comment Land, I hope there is still some interest in entering the Smoking Room, where we can continue our great conversation on all things Maryland.

This week, it's time to talk Terps. Per usual, this is the forum to learn about and discuss University of Maryland sports, culture, and grab bag.

I personally look forward to power rankings of the Top-5 and Bottom-5 calzones at D.P. Dough.




Founded: March 6, 1856

Size: 38,000, +/- 500

Hometown: College Park, MD

Land-Grant: Yes

B1G Since: 2014

Nickname: Terrapins

Mascot/Demigod: Testudo


Rival: Duke North Carolina Penn State Virginia Syracuse Pittsburgh Rutgers?

Relevant Memes: We're new here, but here are some relevant GIFs.

Trophy Games: Battle of the James Franklin (Penn State), The Noob Bowl (Rutgers)

Known For: Proximity to Washington, D.C., basketball dominance/relevance in early 2000's, crab cakes and football, great engineering, business, and journalism schools, dominant lacrosse programs, and beautiful uniforms.

And speaking of beautiful uniforms, check out our brand new OTE T-Shirt: It comes in white or red and-- just like those jersey masterpieces that everyone loves oh so much, these shirts have the Maryland flag-- the best state flag in all of the land. Click here to buy a dozen today!


Did I miss anything? Feel free to chime in with the conversation below. Just don't tell me you like the Pesto Zone the best.


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