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Better Know a B1G Band - The Call to Arms

Grab a fresh reed, strap up your drum, and lube that slide, because it's time to learn about the bands of the Big Ten -- but we can't do it without your help!

Alright, Illinois, we'll throw you a bone and make you the front-page picture.
Alright, Illinois, we'll throw you a bone and make you the front-page picture.

Hi, everyone! I'm MNWildcat, a clarinet-turned-sousaphone from the Northwestern University "Wildcat" Marching Band ('12). With our friends acquaintances TV markets from Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten, I have decided to take my failed project from last summer and revive it. That project?

Better Know a B1G Band.

The goal of this project is to get the input of those of you, the readers, who happen to be alumni of various Big Ten marching bands. We want to learn it all -- the best/worst sections, bowl game memories, what songs are near and dear to you, crazy traditions, and so on. Each school/band will get its own article, but the extent and content of the article is up to you!

How can I do this, you ask? Well, I'll probably screw it up somehow. But the summer is a long one, B1G 2014 is rolling on, and I figure we can always use more fodder for discussion and debate. (By the way, the spats debate is settled. Figure your shit out, Marching Hundred.)

If you're a B1G Band alumna or alumnus, please fill out the Google Form below. Once I have time to collect the results, we'll be sending out a follow-up e-mail to go in-depth with you. Please feel free to Facebook/tweet/relink this survey -- we'd love to hear from anyone and everyone and make this a thorough preview of the proud tradition of marching excellence we hold dear in the Big Ten.

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