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B1G 2014 // Iowa's Smartest Guys In The Room

A brief look at Kirk Ferentz (whom you know) and his coordinators who you might not. WARNING: article includes sarcasm.

Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Ferentz, Head Coach:

In his sixteen years as Iowa's head coach Kirk Ferentz has seen it all. He's seen legendary coaches replaced by either "retirement" or scandal, the fall of the Zooker and three new programs added to the conference. Ferentz's tenure at Iowa could be broken down into two "runs." The first, from 2002-2004 included two Big Ten Conference titles, an Orange Bowl appearance and three straight years of 10 wins or more. The second, from 2008-2009 included a win over #3 Penn State (among other things BUT IT WAS SO AWESOME) and an Outback Bowl victory, a top 10 finish and an Orange Bowl win over Georgia Tech.

Iowa now seeks a third run under Ferentz, who coached the team to an 8-5 finish last season and another Outback Bowl appearance. If you've followed Iowa football closely you'll notice that there's a loose trend with these runs. There's the lead up, the success and the letdown. In chart form:

First Run:



Second Run:



The Leadup:



The Leadup:



The Success:



The Success:



The Letdown:



The Letdown:



The "letdown" years aren't exactly terrible but when you were supposed to challenge for a Big Ten title 7-5 and 8-5 aren't what you were looking for.

With what happened last season and the tempered expectations of 2014, I've got reason to think this year will be "the success" for Iowa. All of the skill players return on the offensive side of the ball, there's a mix of youth and veterans on the defense and the schedule is manageable. It's years like this when Kirk Ferentz teams flourish. I mean, why couldn't they win 10 or more games? They can, and here are the coaches that are going to help them do it.

Oh, and if you wanted a brief bio of Kirk Ferentz it goes something something offensive line coach under Hayden Fry, offensive line coach under Bill Belichick, came to Iowa despite the fans wanting Bob Stoops and won a bunch in the early aughts, got a teflon contract and now gets that paper.

Phil Parker, Defensive Coordinator:

Parker served as Iowa's defensive back coach for over 10 years and took over defensive coordinator responsibilities in 2012 following Norm Parker's retirement (no, they aren't related). After only two seasons it's clear that Phil's coaching philosophy mirrors his predecessor: 4-3, Cover 2, forever and ever amen. Phil has thrown some new looks into the defense including the "raider" package (I feel like it's similar to the psycho package) and some unique blitz schemes but for the most part he's a traditionalist. He expects the linemen to get pressure, force the quarterback into making a mistake and for the linebackers or defensive backs to capitalize. That's how Norm did it. That's how Phil does it.

Greg Davis, Offensive Coordinator:

Scoundrel. Pariah. It's all his fault. It's always been his fault. Offensive coordinator has easily been the most hated coaching position in the Ferentz era. No one liked Ken O'Keefe and no one seems to like Greg Davis. And why would they? The offense is rarely exciting, often ineffective and struggles to put points on the scoreboard. Why? Because aside from a flea-flicker here and there Kirk Ferentz likes his offense like he likes his coffee: EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE. Here's a flea-flicker:

This is the third year of the Greg Davis regime and he's had time to work with both Rudock and the skill players. Expect a mix between three tight ends, five wide receivers and good old fashioned singleback or I-formation. But mainly singleback or I-formation because the Big Ten is all about the Off Tackle Empire.

Is Anyone on Twitter?

Yes. Despite Kirk Ferentz implementing a Twitter ban on the players there are plenty of coaches on Twitter.

Brian Ferentz, Offensive Line:

Hired due to the rampant nepotism and cronyism prevalent in the Iowa Athletic Department. Has zero credentials despite coaching in the NFL under Bill Belichick and will surely be a failure because it’s not like his mentor/father knows anything about coaching offensive lines. Often is preparing to be the best.

LeVar Woods, Linebackers:

Ex-NFL player and Iowa player, Woods enjoys inspirational quotes and finishing strong (giggity).

DJ Hernandez, Tight Ends:

Iowa's tight ends coach has plenty to work with this season and hopes to turn Ray Hamilton or Jake Duzey into the next Hawkeye in the NFL. And uh...yeah. I'll just tell you in case you didn't know: yes, he's Aaron Hernandez's brother.

Seth Wallace, Recruiting Coordinator:

Replaced the guy who went to open up a Culvers. I do enjoy Culvers though. In fact, I'm going there for lunch.

Jim Reid, Defensive Assistant:

Likes VMI, apparently.

Chris White, Running Backs:

Since taking over as running backs coach it seems that [REDACTED] has been mysteriously absent and Iowa's running backs have been doing well. Coincidence? I think not. They're probably doing so well because Coach White loves America so damn much.

Chris Doyle, Strength and Conditioning:

Will eat you.

PS: Did you know Kirk Ferentz makes a lot of money?