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B1G 2014 // The team everyone loves to hate

Chris Trotman

Hating the Ohio State Buckeyes is fun.

Not unlike the Duke of college basketball or the Yankees of Major League Baseball, OSU football seems to create a deep divide between fans—you either love 'em or you hate 'em and there's no in between. Which is why this year's edition of OSU hate is coming with a vengeance.


Okay, so the Ohio State Buckeyes are the team everyone loves to hate. But why?

As we all know, OSU is annoyingly good. Everyone loved seeing them fall below .500 in 2011, then miss out on a bowl game in 2012. Everyone hated seeing them come back strong in 2013 to dominate the B1G, only to fall to Clemson in the Orange Bowl, much to the delight of, you guessed it, everyone.

But really, OSU's "failure" in the last few years—rather, failure to win a bowl game—is just a break from the team's unprecedented run of dominance during the preceding decade or so. From 2002 to 2010, a span of nine years, the Buckeyes won 99 games and six bowl games, with two of their three bowl losses coming in the National Championship. So yes, they win a lot. And it sucks for the rest of us.

Lots of people don't like Buckeyes fans either—and that is a fact. Did you know that Kirk Herbstreit actually had to move out of the Columbus (to Tennessee, no less) because "relentless" fans were upset that he attempts to be an objective journalist and has to criticize his alma mater every now and then? Gosh, what sacrilege. Personally, I don't have anything against OSU fans, but everyone else seems to, so I'll let this column from a FOX college football blog written by Clay Travis say what needs to be said:

[OSU's] fans are uneducated, uncouth, often lacking in basic grammatical comprehension or the most rudimentary logical reasoning...You know what passes for high fashion in Ohio? The goatee.


20140423_jla_bd3_130.jpg.0_mediumC'mon man. Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State's mascot is also a giant, poisonous nut, which is pretty lame. If a big mascot brawl could stand as an acceptable way of measuring school superiority (instead of, say, athletic ability on the football field) we all know that Brutus wouldn't stand a chance. He would have to hope somebody eats him and dies from the poison. Because Buckeye nuts are poisonous. Lame.

Then there's sophomore QB Cardale Jones, who thinks classes are "POINTLESS" and that "we" (perhaps meaning all student-athletes) shouldn't have to go to class because "we came here to play FOOTBALL." Nice. I know that tweet doesn't really represent Cardale's views (he's said as much), but I couldn't let that one slide; it's a classic.

Perhaps most importantly, everyone hates all the never-ending hype that surrounds the Buckeyes, year after year. Many believe they're often overrated in the preseason rankings, pundits and analysts swoon over them, and when they fail to live up to the expectations (which isn't all that often), the rest of the country—not just the rest of the B1G—is thrilled.

But really, Ohio State is a model of a program on the field. Mascot, fans and overratedness aside, the Buckeyes just win, baby. Heck, just making it to the bowl games year after year is an accomplishment. The B1G is kind of in awe of OSU's success, and you'll have to excuse us for continuing to hate you as long as the winning continues.

Oh, and one more thing: tattoos.