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Across the Empire: Your B1G Opening Night Gamethread

We did it everyone. We made it through the offseason*

Bob Levey

*more or less

It's finally here everybody. The kickoff to the Big Ten season, and five days of College Football. It's hard to believe, but the air will be getting cooler soon, tailgates will be happening, and we will be definitely partying through it all here at OTE. That being said, let's get to our first Gamethread of the year.

There are two games on the agenda this evening:

Minnesota-Eastern Illinois || 6:00 PM (God's Time) || BTN

I know very little about the Eastern Illinois Panthers except that Minnesota should beat them handily. This isn't a Dakota, so we expect an evisceration. At minimum, let's not look bad in front of the new guys. Speaking of which...

Washington State-Rutgers || 9:00 PM (God's Time) || FS1

I have said it a lot, but I kind of expect the Air Raid to toss the ball around 100 times tonight... in like the literal sense of 100. I actually think Mike Leach calls 100 passes is what I'm trying to say. Anyhow, the new guys are up for us, and whether we understand it, accept it, or really don't care, they're here. They could do us a solid and knock off a team on the West Coast. At minimum, have a fun game like last year's Fresno State game.

The Rules:

Look, we're a pretty chill group at Off Tackle Empire, and we just ask that you will all be pretty chill yourselves. In general, let's keep the petty namecalling to a minimum and actual really biting individual comments should be kept out of this stuff. Oh, and the normal no-nos apply. No Racism, No Sexism, No Porn, and No Illegal Streams. Now, yelling fuck when Rutgers allows the 101st completion? Sure, totally game. Bottom line, don't act like a jackwagon. Are we good? Good.

That said, let's have a fun year everybody, and let's watch copious amounts of football, eat good food, and probably drink too much. Football is back!

EDIT: I was just informed that a slightly intoxicated Mike Jones will be your mod for the evening. He's promises not to get assy. I'm not exactly taking that bet.