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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 1

Goodbye offseason, hello onseason. Let's celebrate by being in locations and drinking stuff.

The offseason is over. It's time for the onseason. During the onseason, the people who write on this site like to let people know where they are and what they are drinking. Let us know where you'll be in the comments and if you are drinking anything interesting. Let's let this be an onseason for the ages.

The stuff in italics is commentary that I have added. Apologies for all of the onseason stuff. I won't use that term again.

babaoreally: I'll be in West Lafayette, Indiana watching P.J. Fleck and his Mighty Boat Rowers from Kalamazoo take on Purdue. They razed most of the South End Zone bleachers to put up a temporary patio thing this year; hopefully I'll get a chance to check that out and also have a cold one while watching Purdue win a game. They serve alcohol in the patio, so that's pretty neat. It would have been nice to have that last year, but whatever. I'm sure plenty of people will rather drink than watch Purdue lose this year as well.

Andrew Kraszewski: At an as-yet-undetermined sports bar in another part of Detroit, as the hipster bars in my neighborhood literally don't know what BTN is so the MSU game is out of the question. I'm thinking Greektown, as the Tigers are out of town and it therefore shouldn't be too hard to find an empty bar stool on Friday night.

Jesse Collins: I'm hopefully hosting a party at my house this weekend. The goal will be to prepare stuffed burgers, home fries, and probably some pretzel bites stuffed with cheese, jalapenos from the garden, and served with some sort of dip. Drinking? I will probably be drinking water, but there will be beer and spirits available.

Ray Ransom: In the most awesome coincidence of all time, work has me travelling to Seattle, Washington for PAX. I'll be bookin' it from the tarmac to the stadium to watch The Scarlet Knights of Rutgers take on Washington State in our first ever game as a Big Ten school. Look for the guy in the front row with the 1869 National Champs Shirt. I'll either be drinking something from NJ/the East Coast in a measure of solidarity, or a delicious Sierra Nevada, my favorite west coast beer, in honor of our hosts. Woo! FOOTBALL!

I think Ray might be the winner for luckiest person of the week.

Candystripes for Breakfast: I will be at home in Lebanon, probably watching whatever game may be on TV while listening to the sound of Don Fischer announcing the Hoosiers playing wrecking the Sycamores. Drinking what's that?!

What happened to the vanilla cokes C4B?

Brian Gillis: I'll be easing into the college football season in San Diego, much the same way Michigan will be easing into the season playing Appalachian State.  Nothing can go wrong with that plan, right?  I'll come in from the sun long enough to see if Devin Gardner and company can accomplish what Chad Henne and company couldn't.

If your team has to try to avenge their worst upset in history, I can't think of a better place to be than in San Diego.

Graham Filler: Spartan Stadium, 100 yards north of the stadium, spectacular stream of good folks coming through and saying hi...tons of Michigan beer. Whitsun Ale, Soft Parade...there really is no wrong answer. The first tailgate of the year is one of my favorites. You see friends you haven't seen in awhile, you get some great conversations about the B1G and Sparty. Very excited.

GoAUpher: Florence, KY. Thanks to my cable provider's current spat with Big Ten Network, I will be in the bar of a local restaurant instead of at home on my couch. I can guarantee that I will be the only one there who cares about Minnesota/Eastern Illinois. I will have my laptop with me, so I will be the odd dude watching the game no one cares about who is also live blogging while sipping Bookers or Makers Mark with a few Sam Octoberfests mixed in.

C.E. Bell: I will be in Evanston, watching when Siemian unleashes the beast and destroys Cal....or just to drink, eat, and watch as Northwestern disappoints me. Since Fitz is undefeated in openers, I'm hoping for the former....but ready for the latter, mainly thanks to bourbon.

MNWildcat: That map is a FRAUD, a FRAUD, I say! For I shall not be in the lovely state of Minnesota, but rather in Evanston, Illinois, not blocks from Chad for the NUMBAlums tailgate, enjoying whatever beer the gal and I pick up tonight, some bacon-wrapped lil' smokies, and the best damn queso dip you've ever had in your life. Thanks, Viscount! After that, I worked so hard this week that hell if I don't deserve a couple days in Nashville to celebrate the 'Cats.

DJ Carver: I'll be playing corn hole in the backyard with the Maryland game hopefully streaming on BTN, drinking bourbon (knob creek or buffalo trace) to get ready for the first fantasy football draft of the year at 7. The former most likely leads to bad things for the latter.

GoForThree: I'll be in Kansas, on Fort Leavenworth, summoning not only my Buckeye pride, but 212 years of West Point tradition and hating Navy so thoroughly that my eyes bleed with rage. I'll keep the fire going with a steady diet of refreshing Pimm's No. 1 Cups before noon and then Bulleit Rye when Barrett throws his first INT. So, probably halfway through the first.

Aaron Yorke: Secaucus, New Jersey! Since Ray is gone, I'll be the only one hanging out in the Garden State. I'm working late on Friday night and I'm gong to feel like sleeping for a little while instead of catching a way-too-early train into New York City. No breakfast beers for this guy! So it's orange juice instead. Probably a vitamin. I wonder what's for breakfast?

Oh, I know. My girlfriend just made some amazing banana bread, so I'll eat that!

Mike Jones: Going to Iowa game. Drinking. Smoking. Yolo. Out.

Are Iowa games the last place on earth where public smoking is allowed? Or is Mike going to be hotboxing cigs in a bathroom stall between Iowa punts?

Please let us know your location and drink information. It is at least as interesting as what we are doing.