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Friday Night B1G Football: Football is back!

Football is back! Minnesota and Rutgers started things off with W's, so let's keep it going!

Connor Cook looks to capitalize on his end of year performances last season
Connor Cook looks to capitalize on his end of year performances last season
Jonathan Moore

It's back! Last night was glorious.  Football was back, the B1G didn't screw it up the first night in with an OOC loss (barely...Rutgers), and then Vanderbilt happened.  LOL.  Anyways, on tap tonight we have knob creek, some Makers 46, Flying Dog Dead Rise Summer Ale....oh wait, football.  Right.  Tonight Michigan State kicks their season off against Jacksonville State in what should be a slaughter house.  Here are the details:

Michigan State - Jacksonville State || 7:30 PM (Real Time) || BTN

I expect this to be a blowout, and quite frankly I think we're all disappointed if it's not.  I know nothing about Jacksonville State other than they are a cupcake, so have at it Spartans. 

The Rules:

Look, we're a pretty chill group at Off Tackle Empire, and we just ask that you will all be pretty chill yourselves. In general, let's keep the petty namecalling to a minimum and actual really biting individual comments should be kept out of this stuff. Oh, and the normal no-nos apply. No Racism, No Sexism, No Porn, and No Illegal Streams.  Bottom line, don't act like a jackwagon. Are we good? Good.

That said, let's have a fun year everybody, and let's watch copious amounts of football, eat good food, and probably drink too much. Football is back!