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The B1G-MAC Swap Week 2: Bring on... Central Michigan?

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Last week we introduced the newest OTE staple featuring our good friends Hustle Belt - The B1G-MAC Swap. Each week Bryan M. Vance and I will be relegating one B1G team to the MAC and promoting one MAC team to the B1G. We'll discuss where we think each team would land in the rankings and the rest will be history. This week, Part I starts over at Hustle Belt where someone expected doesn't last long. Here is Part II where we discuss our newest Big Ten member. Okay, now that I've gotten rid of one of our many problems from last week, who do we get to add? I feel like the next team we see in the B1G has a chance to be a lot higher than Ohio.


Jesse: Okay, now that I've gotten rid of one of the B1G's many problems from last week, who do we get to add? I feel like the next team we see in the B1G has a chance to be a lot higher than Ohio.

Bryan: Well, not so fast my friend. I'm sure the obvious pick for most people this week is NIU. It makes sense. The Huskies have won more games over the past four seasons than any team not named Oregon. They also managed to turn a B1G stadium into a home field and win despite having the Three Stooges play quarterback, but I'm going a different direction.

I'm just not sure how often I'll get an opportunity to promote the Chippewas of Mt. Pleasant, so I'm taking my chance while I have it. B1G fans, I gift to you the fighting Dan Enos' of Central Michigan.

Jesse: Well, they did just beat a B1G team, which is one more P5 win than the B1G got last week. That being said, it was Purdue who we just relegated. Nonetheless, they absolutely worked over Purdue like you said. The Chippewas were definitely the better team out there, and I will welcome our new team with open arms. So, tell me more about our friends from Central Michigan. Mainly, how are we going to deal with three Michigan teams? Follow-up: Would they instantly be our favorite Michigan?

Bryan: Welcome to our conundrum. We've had three Michigan teams since Nixon was in office (I think, I'm not fact-checking that claim. Just take my word for it.) As for would they instantly be your favorite Michigan team? well, like the other two B1G Michigan schools, CMU has a knack for woefully underperforming as of late, and failing to live up to expectations. Unlike MSU and UM though, CMU is actually somewhat living up to expectations so far this season. Dan Enos can't coach, but the Chips have a ton of talent (19 starters returned this season) and they have a B1G running back.

Jesse: I think we'll like them so long as they aren't delusional. We have enough delusion from Michigan. (yeah yeah, Nebraska fan... glass houses... etc) Also, I'm totally on adding another Michigan school with a guy who has a ton of talent but can't coach. I think he and Hoke will be fast friends.

So let's try and place the Chips in reality. They're better than Purdue. There is a strong argument that they might be better than Northwestern is right now. Moving up that distribution is where it gets sketchy again. Are they better than Illinois? It depends. I think Lunt might be the real deal for Illinois, but he needs to put a full game together - as does that entire team. I would be willing to give them the nod over Illinois right now, but it's close. Indiana? I still might give Indiana the edge there. So that's sort of where we slated Ohio last week, somewhere in that 11/12 spot. Better than the dredges, but not necessarily better than too much else. I could totally be misrepresenting how much talent CMU has.

Bryan: Don't worry, Dan Enos does a pretty solid job of the misutilization of that talent, so no one really knows for sure how talented CMU is. They have some fantastic pieces, but pieces do not a team make. They do have a ginger for a quarterback though, if that gives them any sort of an edge. But I think 11/12 for CMU in year one of their stint in thee B1G would be just want CMU fans want: A reason to get rid of Dan Enos.

Jesse: Outstanding. Maybe they can hire Hoke. I hear he will be free shortly... In other news, this week hopefully gives the B1G a chance to redeem itself and not give me some serious pause as to whether or not we just switch half our conferences next week and see if anyone notices.

Bryan: If the B1G continues to stink it up, I'm launching a Kickstarter to buy it out and merge it with the MAC, then I'll fire Purdue. So help me help you all get rid of Purdue. KEEP LOSING.

Jesse: The OVC looks forward to its new football overlords... Or they look forward to Purdue.