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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 3

Week 3 has gotta be better than Week 2, right?

Well, it can't get much worse than last week. It still might be a good idea to start drinking early this weekend, just in case.

babaoreally: I will be somewhere in Fort Wayne, probably trying to avoid watching the Purdue - ND game. For some reason, I don't have much faith in the good guys pulling this one out. I might break out some pálinka during the day games to drink.

C4B: I'll be chilling with the usual crowd right here on OTE from my house, because that's just good clean fun. For what I will be drinking, the usual Vanilla Coke is certainly likely, as is Yoo-hoo!, or possibly good old-fashioned milk. (I promise, some day, I will actually have an exciting drink to list here.) For what I won't be drinking, hopefully someone will actually think of one this week, as I'm pretty sure no one took over that duty last week (looking at you, LPW).

Brian Gillis: I'll be in Los Angeles, trying to find a reason to get excited after last weekend's blowout in South Bend.

Ray Ransom: I'll be watching the game with an outstanding group of degenerates and ne'er do wells at The Royal on 14th and 4th in NYC (come find us!). While the environment at High Point for the game vs. our neighbors to the west will be amazing, I was too excited to see the BTN Gameday coverage and the overall national exposure. This game is about more than just the score. It's about putting Rutgers on the national radar in a way that Pandemonium in Piscataway did in 2006. Ironically enough, we watched that game at The Royal too and it was a great time. The Empire State Building was lit up red, there was a palpable buzz around the city about Rutgers, and after the game the streets ran Scarlet with red jerseys and shirts. I think we'll see the same level of excitement this weekend. As for what I'll be drinking, I don't know what's on tap, but my goal is to stick to something from Jersey, something red, and/or something strong, in that priority order. Game on!



Aaron Yorke: I'll be in Piscataway for PSU vs. RU, so hopefully I'll find some tailgate with light beer before the game. And I don't even know if they serve beer in that stadium, so that might be it for me.

GoAUpher: On my couch, hoping that TCU's 4-2-5 is really weak against the run or that the Gophers passing game has been lying dormant as a trick to fool Gary Patterson. I shall have delicious bottles of Laguanitas Lil' Sumpin' Sumpin' on hand as well as the traditional celebratory (or consolation) bourbons.

Andrew Kraszewski: I will be sulking through a bye week, playing the actual Duck Hunt game for NES and trying to decide if I even want the rest of the conference to perform well enough to rebound, or if I'd rather you all go down in flames. I will drink rusty nails all weekend.

DJ Carter: I'll be in College Park, MD, tailgating at the game and probably playing some cornhole in the process. Drink? It'll be early, but I'll pick something up Friday night at the liquor store for the morning. If I'm lazy, I'll go with some whiskey in my coffee to start and just remove the coffee aspect after. Sale ad for the store comes out Friday morning for the weekend, so we'll see!

MNWildcat: I'll be in Milwaukee, doing absolutely nothing save maybe recovering from a brewery tour on Friday night. If I really decide I want to, I may drive down to Hoffman Estates, a suburb of Chicago, to watch the US Davis Cup team defend itself from zonal relegation against Slovakia. Drink of choice will be something light to start, perhaps picking up in intensity as the afternoon progresses.

C.E. Bell: I'll be in Michigan with the in-laws, doing up-down drills in the rain in solidarity with Northwestern while awaiting the "any day now" impending birth of baby boy Bell. Probably will be drinking out my father-in-law of his remaining stash of Bell's Oberon, now that fall has seemingly arrived.

Jesse Collins: I'll be home in Omaha awaiting that super fun 9:00 PM Central kickoff and enjoying the smoked ribs I intend to make. As a bonus, I will make a bourbon barbecue sauce to dress them with and enjoy a wonderful evening of Nebraska beating Fresno State into a pulp.

Mike Jones: I'll be in Iowa City for the third consecutive week watching the Hawkeyes at Kinnick Stadium. It's the annual Battle for the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Trophy (never forget the original) and a rivalry that pretty much no one outside of Iowa cares about because Iowa State is a consistent laughing stock except for one game in November that always seems to save Paul Rhoads' job. I'll be getting there early to get the full tailgate experience in: Busch Light, Jack Daniels, Bacardi, burgers, jello shots made with HAWKEYE VODKA and the like. Then it will be off to Kinnick to watch the Hawkeyes steamroll the Cyclones. By steamroll I mean the Hawkeyes will hop aboard the Strugglebus for 45 minutes and probably won't have the game in hand until the 4th quarter because hey, Kirk Ferentz loves nothing more than to fuck with my emotions.

GoForThree: I'll be hosting my in-laws. So, I'm drinking every last thing in sight. Neither rubbing alcohol nor any Budweiser product is out of bounds this weekend. I don't even care if OSU loses to Kent State. I'll be hiding either way. Think they'd notice a duck blind in the living room?

Let us know where you guys will be and what you will be drinking this Saturday.