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The OTE Rump Grows: Staff Picks, Week 3

Rice beans and rice didn't miss us.

West Virginia @ Maryland (-4) O/U: 57

OTE writers call it straight up: Maryland, 5-4

DJ: Maryland covers, barely

RR: The greatest show on turf is actually this game. Nobody can stop anyone and we've got a barn burner on our hands. Maryland 42 - West Virginia 35

AY: I'm still impressed by the way the Mountaineers competed with Alabama. WVU 31-20

JC: West Virginia: Sorry Maryland... I think WV pulls off the upset at the end. Maryland scores a lot of points, but coughs up the ball at the end to lose it.


AK: With Maryland at home, I'll take the points but not the upset, and the over. I feel like this could be a classic for some reason.

MNW: Maryland's offense struggles again, and the Mountaineers put up the points early. A late rally and another special teams block show the Mountaineers just how #B1G the Terps have become, though, and Maryland steals a win. Terps, 27-21. (Cover, U)

KC_H: Maryland to cover

MJ: Fuck Maryland [ed. note: presumably this means Mike is choosing WVU. I received these from him late last evening.]

Indiana @ Bowling Green (+8) O/U: 70

Indiana, 9-0

DJ: Indiana covers this easily

RR: Indiana's out of nowhere run game carries the day. Indiana 28 - BGSU 17

AY: Back in Week 1, the Falcons were smashed by Western Kentucky. IU 49-17

JC: Indiana: I mean, you're the #1 team in the B1G, right? Don't screw this up.

GF: Indiana

AK: Indiana to cover, under. Matt Johnson's out for the year, so unchain them dogs, Wilson. Should be your best defensive performance of the season again.

MNW: Indiana continues to run the ball. Everyone is baffled, until it's revealed that Nate Sudfeld has had his right arm amputated since April and is throwing with his left hand. Tanner McEvoy asks for tips. Hoosiers, 41-20. (Cover, U)

KC_H: Indiana to cover

MJ: Fuck Bowling Green

Kent State @ Ohio State (-32) O/U: 51

Ohio State, 9-0

DJ: Buckeyes don't cover

RR: Poor Kent State gets an angry, angry Buckeyes team. Ohio State 33 - Kent State 6

AY: Ohio State doesn't have to rely as much on big plays, wins easily. OSU 31-3

JC: OSU is better than Kent State


AK: What's the spread? Not high enough. OSU covers after 3 quarters, I'll hesitantly take the over, and we have to hear about how Ezekiel Elliott is totally better than Carlos Hyde ever was.

MNW: Buckeyes mad. Kent State not good. Buckeyes realize maybe offense needs some work. Ohio State, 31-7. (Points, U)

KC_H: Kent State to cover (Buckeyes win)

MJ: Fuck Kent State

Miami (OH) @ Michigan (-31) O/U: 54

Michigan, 9-0

DJ: Michigan takes out all of their frustration from last week, covering

RR: Poor Miami gets an angry, angry Wolverines team. Michigan 33 - Miami (OH) 6

AY: Miami is horrible, and Michigan just got embarrassed... you know what that means. Michigan 49-3

JC: Michigan is better than Miami (OH) (Note, if you lose this game Michigan, we're probably relegating you)

GF: Michigan

AK: See previous entry, except I'll go under here because I like Michigan's defense more. Whatever Hoke's shortcomings, he certainly eats his cupcakes in the noncon. (badum TSH) And I have no sympathy for Miami for canning Don Treadwell too early. Miami, how's your team doing since then btw? Horribly? You don't say! Maybe the problem is YOU.

MNW: Michigan mad. Miami(OH) not good. Wolverines realize maybe sky isn't falling, they're just a mediocre bowl team. Michigan, 38-13. (Points, U)

KC_H: Miami OH to cover (Wolverines win)

MJ: Fuck Miami

Iowa State @ Iowa (-10) O/U: 49

Iowa, 9-0

DJ: Iowa (Iowa State wins ATS, and I take the under)

RR: This one is closer than it should be. Iowa grinds it out, but loses 5 running backs to injury. Iowa 21, Iowa State 17

AY: A strong play-action game and good defense is enough to keep the trophy in Iowa City. Iowa 21-20

JC: Iowa: Rivalry games are tricky, but this ISU team barely has a pulse despite their close game last Saturday.

GF: Iowa

AK: One of the few games this week I'm interested in watching. Something something this game matters in the state of Iowa something something ISU's Super Bowl something something Kirk Ferentz something underperform. I won't pull the upset trigger but I'll take the points and the under. Iowa.

MNW: The Hawkeyes run the ball all over the Cyclones, but #tirednarrative means drives will find a way to stall inexplicably around the ISU 38-yard line, thus enabling #ThePuntiff. This pick against the spread goes against my better judgment. Iowa, 27-10.(Cover, U)

KC_H: Iowa to cover (Hawkeyes currently 0-2 ATS) [hey, so is Northwestern! /sobs]

MJ: Fuck Iowa State

Minnesota @ TCU (-14) O/U: 48

Minnesota, 5-4

DJ: Minnesota wins outright, take that Vegas

RR: This one could be interesting. I'll give it to Minnesota with the last second field goal ftw. Minnesota 24, TCU 21

AY: The upstart Gophers bruise their way to victory on the road. Minnesota 17-14

JC: TCU: Nothing against Minnesota, but the overall lack of passing game plus the game being in Texas makes me think this goes the Horned Frogs way.

GF: Minnesota

AK: This game, on the other hand, should be a bludgeoning contest. Until I see something resembling a passing attack, I'm not high on the Gophers to win a tough road game. I'll take the points, though, and the under. TCU.

MNW: TCU bottles up David Cobb early, and neither Mitch Leidner nor Chris Steveler can pass the Gophers back into contention. That's OK, because the Gophers get a big special teams play (#MortellFake?) to rally. This game will be within a score either way, and I'll give it to the home team. TCU, 31-28. (Points, O)

KC_H: Minnesota to cover (TCU wins)

MJ: Fuck TCU

Illinois @ Washington (-13) O/U: 65

Washington, 8-1

DJ: Washington covers, taking the over

RR: Yeesh. That's no fun. The Illini can't get it going and Washington rolls at home. Illinois 17 - Washington 30

AY: The Pac-12 once again proves to be superior. [Ed. Note: Classic trolljob, ttfp supporter] Washington 31-14

JC: Illinois: I'm still not convinced the Illini are legit, but Washington looks terrible right now. Lunt should go bananas on that defense.

GF: Washington

AK: Illinois hasn't totally wet their collective pants yet, so I wouldn't be surprised if they keep this close, but this doesn't feel like a game they're ready to win. Give me the points and the over. Washington.

MNW: HAT. Washington scores a lot. I don't care about Illinois, sorry. Washington, 41-20. (Cover, U)

KC_H: Illinois to cover (Huskies win)


Purdue @ Notre Dame (-29) O/U: 56.5

Notre Dame, 9-0

DJ: Notre Dame wins, and covers, but I take the under

RR: Yeesh. That's even less fun. ND dominates through 3 quarters and takes the foot off the gas in the 4th, allowing Purdue to get a few garbage points. Purdue 17 - ND 32

AY: The Boilers always somehow make this close... but can they score? ND 20-3

JC: Notre Dame: However, you just watch Purdue make this closer than Michigan did.

GF: Notre Dame

AK: Yeah, this Boylur team somehow looks as though it hasn't improved from last season (losing Ricardo Allen will do that, I suppose) but somehow they always give ND a game. I'll take the points and the under, that's a mighty big spread (I also guarantee Everett Golson will make me eat these words). Notre Dame

MNW: Austin Appleby comes on for Danny Etling midgame and leads a furious Purdue cover the spread. Notre Dame, 41-17. (Points, O)

KC_H: Notre Dame to cover

MJ: Fuck Purdue

Penn State @ Rutgers (+4) O/U: 52.5

Penn State, 8-1

DJ: Penn State wins, and covers, taking the under

RR: The nation tunes in for a wild back and forth affair, with the team from Pennsylvania taking the lead with a minute to play, but the boys from Rutgers rally for a last-second win on an electric 50+ yard Paul James catch and run. The fans storm the field as the kick goes through the uprights and it's Rutgers 42 - TTFP 35

AY: Penn State continues to experience inconsistency on offense, Rutgers struggles on the ground against a solid front. PSU 20-13

JC: Penn State: Sorry Rutgers, I think Hack wins this game on his own.


AK: Remember how Rutgers won a narrow game against WSU? Imagine if WSU were able to run the ball or play any defense. PSU's pass attack is at least as potent, and the rest of their team isn't as terrible. I give Rutgers some credit for bringing home probably the best win of the conference season so far (/jumps off building) but Penn State should be riding high right now. PSU to cover, under.

MNW: In a surprising twist from his press conference this week, James Franklin announces to a baffled BTN reporter at halftime that "I won't answer any questions about Rutgers. I'm here to talk bowl games, bowl games, and then a couple questions on...bowl games." Penn State, 24-21. (Points, U)

KC_H: Penn State to cover

MJ: Fuck Rutgers

Nebraska @ Fresno State (+11) O/U: 62.5

Nebraska, 9-0

DJ: Nebraska covers the spread, by a lot

RR: Another wild game, with big plays going right down to the end, before Nebraska puts it away in the 4th behind some punishing runs and a deeper roster. Nebraska 30, Fresno State 21

AY: The Huskers whip themselves into shape after a scare at home. Nebraska 42-20

JC: Nebraska: Fresno State is arguably worse off than McNeese state right now, which is helpful. Ameer goes off in this game and Nebraska wins comfortably in front of a significantly Husker Red stadium. Most TV viewers fall asleep before the end.


AK: Big Red covers, ideally in such a way as to sit Abdullah for most of a game the Huskers should lock up early.

MNW: I will be asleep and will continue to assume that Fresno State is not as good as the spread indicates. "Asleep," for those of you who were unclear, is code for "Drunk and not caring about Nebraska football." Huskers, 48-10. (Cover, U)

KC_H: Fresno State to cover (Nebraska wins)

MJ: Fuck Fresno State. Yeah we good now.


Split, 1-1

AK: MSU @ BYE: MSU's reconfigured galaxy-class defense pitches the shutout. No points will be scored on MSU this weekend (a pleasant return to order on that front). MSU to cover, but I'll take the under as Dantonio never goes for the blowout when it's there to be had.

MNW: Trevor Siemian fractures his hand doing up-downs in a rainstorm during a Northwestern weekend practice. Zach Oliver is promptly struck by lighting, and Pat Fitzgerald comments that "In my day, we got back on the fucking field and represented the Purple and White." BYE, 2-0.