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Week 3 Daytime Gamethread

So, uh, let's not repeat last week. On tap this weekend is more cupcakes, some solid Power 5 games, and our first conference game.

Diggs and Marcus Leak scoring against WVU
Diggs and Marcus Leak scoring against WVU
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

We are finally here! Conference play kicks off this week for two teams in the B1G, and we've finally started moving away from six games at 12:00pm, which was giving us big lulls from daytime to evening games.  We're out in full force with getting out to the games and drinking and subsequently drinking too much and not remembering the games to write about them.  We have a listing here, and if you are out one of our ways come find us at the tailgate!

We only have three games on tap at 12, and all three have the potential to be shootouts.  Let's hope they can break from the B1G theme so far this year and do not whoafully disappoint.  Here is what is on tap for today's games:

West Virginia at Maryland || 12:00pm EDT || BTN

Maryland matches up with their now longest standing regional rival (bye Virginia!) in College Park as they try to repeat last year's 37-0 shutout of WVU.  WVU has looked much improved this year with FSU transfer Clint Trickett at the helm, and this should be a good litmus test to see where the Terps stand this year.

Indiana at Bowling Green || 12:00pm EDT || ESPNU

Indiana matches up against Bowling Green, who was taken down in Week 1 by WKU. WKU has the fire power, but the defense gave up 42 to Illinois so I can only fathom what Indiana's high powered offense may do to them.

Kent State at Ohio State || 12:00pm EDT || ABC/ESPN2

Our biggest cupcake game of the 12:00 slate, this one should be over by the half. Look for OSU to take out their anger of dropping one to VT on Kent State this week.

Miami (OH) at Michigan || 3:30pm EDT || BTN

Similar to OSU, Michigan will look to take their aggression out on their cupcake opponent of the week. Look for Gardner and Funchess to bounce back with at least 2 TD connections.

Iowa State at Iowa || 3:30pm EDT || ESPN

So people tell me this is Iowa State's super bowl. Iowa, please play up to that level and don't make this a close game. Iowa State took it to KSU last week before bombing the second half, so this game could be a close one.

Minnesota at TCU || 4:00pm EDT || Fox Sports 1

TCU is heavily favored in this game (the line was at -14 as I type this), but look for the Gophers to run the ball down TCU's throat and keep this much closer. If Minnesota can find a semblance of a passing game, they could pull the upset.

Illinois at Washington || 4:00pm EDT || Fox

Illinois has looked shaky this year, but nevertheless are 2-0 going into their biggest OOC game against Washington. Washington will look to continue the offensive success of last week, so this game has the chance to be the shootout of the week. Second half/4th quarter Illinois, please show up all game.

Purdue at Notre Dame || 7:30pm EDT || NBC

I'm also told that Purdue has some sort of rivalry with Notre Dame, so what I'm looking for here is a competitive game, and Purdue to keep it closer than Michigan did. If they do that, then LOLMichigan.

Penn State at Rutgers || 8:00pm EDT || BTN

And we have it, our first conference matchup of the year! PSU travels to Rutgers, presumably on a very big high after this weeks great news for them, looking to improve upon the performance against Akron the week prior. Rutgers, somewhat of a surprise, looks to translate the OOC success against their regional foe and make their mark in the first B1G game for them.

Nebraska at Fresno State || 10:30pm EDT || CBSSN

We finish the night with a cupcake game for Nebraska, who is looking to tune up the offense after last week. Have fun staying up late for this one guys and gals, because it's going to end after midnight unless you are on the west coast.

The normal rules apply.  We're pretty relaxed, so just keep it mostly PC and we are good.  No porn, no illegal game feeds, etc.  I'll be tailgating and going to the MD game, so not sure who your mod will be today.  I'll see you guys in the evening thread.