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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 4

It's week 4, we've got an opportunity for a B1G weekend, and OTE is going worldwide y'all.

Greetings from the other side of the world, Off Tackle friends!

Yes, that's right. I'm sitting in my hotel room in Tokyo and instead of exploring this amazing city, I'm getting my OTE on. I just can't quit you, B1G.

Like the bizarre yet delightful streets of Toyko, Week 4 in the B1G could be...delightfully bizarre. There's a decent chance the conference goes all sexy robot, starting with a furry dance party during the early games and culminating in a happy ending with Nebraska on top of Miami.

Well, I don't think I'm going to top that innuendo, so here's where we be and what we be drinking for week 4:

Ray Ransom: Rutgers-Navy at 4:30 AM? Yes please! There are actually tons of American sports bars in Tokyo so the concierge didn't have to look far to find a cool place to watch the game that was open late. The interesting thing is that most of the American sports bars in Tokyo are run by people who have only watched movies about America, so there's a lot of karaoke, Elvis impersonators, and license plates on the walls; also not a lot of sports. Given that everyone will have been up all night, I imagine a pretty wild crew and a lot of questions about American football, which I will be excited to provide answers to...or create wild stories about the role of quasi-gladiatorial combat and genetic modification in American football. As for what I'll be drinking, probably Sapporo. It's a solid beer out of a bottle but from the tap fresh from the brewery it's a whole new experience. Super crisp and clean but with enough body to give it some depth. Pairs perfectly with the local cuisine. Also, ramen. Like, real ramen that blows your mind. Tl;dr: visit Tokyo, it's amazing.

Aaron Yorke: It's my girlfriend's friend's birthday party on Saturday! We're going to be celebrating by guzzling beers at a sports bar and watching ALL the games! Just kidding. We're going on a wine tour in Connecticut and I probably won't have enough Gs to follow the games on my phone. Go State. Beat the Minutemen.

GoAUpher: Back on my couch. I'm think I'm going to sit on the right side of the sectional this week to cancel out whatever bad mojo I brought with me to watching the TCU thing that happened. I'll also drink more beer because believe it or not I sat through that entire mess sober (I'm sick and wasn't in the mood). Since I didn't have any during the loss, Laguanitas is still an acceptable choice. I'd try to improve the mojo with good MN beer but it's hard to come by here.

DJ Carver: Unfortunately I'm working since it's an away game. I'll be frantically checking the ESPN updates as I can...hoping for a better showing from Maryland this week. I should be home early enough to catch the second half of the prime time games this week, so there is a plus.

Green Akers: This weekend I shall return to Lansingland, invade my sister's apartment and eat all her food, and watch the dismantling of the EMU Sadbirds, wondering the whole time how a 45-point spread is reasonably calculated. I don't know what I'll drink yet because at Oade's, the only limitation is your imaaaaginaaaaation.

Mike Jones: I'll finally be watching an Iowa game from home in Des Moines, which is nice, because Kinnick Stadium and I need a little break from each other. I plan on taking it easy during the game and only downing some leftover Bud Lights from last weekend. But as the game progresses I'm sure I'll get fed up with Jake Rudock going 17/20 for 48 yards and Iowa losing 17-0 at halftime after punting from their 32 multiple times and I'll probably move onto Jack Daniels. ARE YOU HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU TURN ME INTO KIRK? ARE YOU? YOU MONSTER.

MNWildcat: I'll be in Evanston. Western Illinois is visiting. We can't possibly screw this up, can we? I'll be drinking some kind of casual morning beer. Serendipity for breakfast sounds REALLY good. Maybe Bailey's and coffee on the Metra ride down from Kenosha, too. I'll probably be on the 5pm Metra the hell out of there.

Jesse Collins: I'm hoping to be in Lincoln, sitting somewhere in Memorial Stadium, probably eating a Runza, and hoping that Pelini's guys aren't too hyped up for this game. If tickets cannot be secured for a semi-reasonable price, which is looking sketchier by the second, I will be watching this game from the comforts of my home. Probably also with Runza.

Candystripes for Breakfast: I will be in Lafayette, IN for the early part of the day, as Magic: the Gathering prereleases wait for no football game (which is why I may be fighting Purdue football traffic to get to the store I'm playing at). With luck, I should be back home in time to catch at least some of the IU-Mizzou game, and the full evening wave. What I will be drinking is some caffeinated, non-alcoholic drink that is unexciting. For what I won't be drinking, I leave it to the capable hands of everyone else to decide.

C.E. Bell: I will be drinking Oberon Ale, watching Northwestern with its newest fan (and Class of 2036 QB) on TV -- my son, Ethan Anderson Bell, who was born 5:13 pm on Sunday (a Northwestern bye week, and in time for cocktail hour and to watch the Bears comeback win with me), weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces. Since mom, dad, and baby are all pretty tired, I imagine we will be napping more than drinking.....and I'm so damn happy about that.

babaoreally: I'll be in West Lafayette watching Purdue possibly lose to an FCS team for the first time. I shall have a beer at the South End Zone patio. Not sure what kind at this point.

Brian Gillis: I'll be in Los Angeles again this weekend (Redondo Beach, to be precise) seeing if the Big Ten can keep it rolling against Power Five conferences. I'll be eschewing the couch Saturday in favor of wandering over to neighboring Hermosa Beach to attend a Michigan watch party, because ... do I really need to explain?

GoForThree: I'll also be in Hermosa Beach (LA) visiting baby brother. It's his last weekend before the Air Force moves him elsewhere, so we'll be on Hermosa Pier getting irresponsibly drunk and watching B1G ball at odd times. Like...the morning. Maybe I'll stalk Brian and steal sips from his drink.

So that's us! Tell us where you'll be and what you'll be drinking in the comments. Go B1G!