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Game Three Preview: Indiana Hoosiers vs. Missouri Tigers

Time for Indiana to assert the B1G's dominance over the ESS EEE CEE!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Who, Where, and When: The Hoosiers are on the road again, this time heading deep into SEC territory, aka Columbia, Missouri. Once there, they shall face off against the class of that conference, the Missouri Tigers. At least one of those statements is true. The game will be on the SEC Network at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central, and providing coverage will be Dave Neal and Andre Ware, with sideline support from Laura Rutledge. IU leads this series all-time 6-3-2, but lost in Bloomington last year 45-28.

Obligatory "Tevin Coleman is Really, REALLY Good, you guys" Section: For starters, Coleman recorded his fourth straight 100 yard rushing game, and was only 10 yards off of his third straight 200 yard rushing game. He also leads the country in rushes for 30, 40, and 50 yards, and is second for 60 yards. Should he score a rushing touchdown against Missouri, he will tie Anthony Thompson's school record for consecutive games with a rushing touchdown at 12. Finally, he leads the country in rushing yards per game (218.5) and all purpose yards per game (237.5), and is also in the top ten in scoring, yards per carry, and rushing touchdowns.

Weird Facts About Mizzou: Their mascot, Truman the Tiger, is named after U.S. President Harry S. Truman. Mizzou's colors are black and gold, but some historical references suggest that the school's colors used to be crimson and gold for a period of time.They also claim to have invented Homecoming, so you can thank them (or Baylor, who also claims the distinction) for that.

Notable Mizzou Alums: Jon Hamm (Mad Men, other stuff); David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office); Brad Pitt (technically has not graduated, is 1 credit short); Max Scherzer (MLB Pitcher); Blaine Gabbert (NFL quarterback, somehow); Matt Korklan (professional wrestler, also known as Evan Bourne); Kenneth Lay (former CEO of Enron); Pat Forde (sportswriter)

Prediction: I'd like to think we keep it close, but odds are, this one's not gonna be pretty. I'll say Mizzou only wins 42-35, and comes far closer to losing than they should, giving people a reason to question if Mizzou is actually capable of winning the ESS EEE CEE if they can barely beat them Hoosiers, PAWWWWWWWWWWWWWL. Imma hang up an lissen.

Next game: Indiana plays host to Maryland to open up conference play.