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Week 4 Daytime Open Thread

Come discuss the daytime B1G games

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saturday! It is a great fall Saturday over most of B1G country, which should setup some great football.  The B1G is drawing down on the OOC matchups, and once again has a chance at a few solid power 5 wins.  Do we finally break through this week? Does it matter, or do the talking heads just play it down as too little too late?

Here is the lineup for the first part of the day:

Iowa at Pitt || 12:00pm EDT || ESPNU

Iowa is fresh off an upset by ISU, losing to in-state rival ISU last week.  Can they bounce back and give themselves a solid OOC win?

EMU at MSU || 12:00pm EDT || BTN

Yawn.  Can MSU cover a 45 point spread?

Western Illinois at Northwestern || 12:00pm EDT || ESPNN(ews?)

Please Northwestern, end the losing.  Its directional Illinois.  Normal Illinois cant have nice things, so why give something nice to little brother?

Southern Illinois at Purdue || 12:00pm EDT || BTN

Purdue, just play like its Notre Dame and this game should be a non issue.

BGSU at Wisconsin || 12:00pm EDT || ESPN2

Wisconsin, do us all a favor and remember Gordon exists.  Just give him the ball, a lot, and all will end well.

Maryland at Syracuse || 12:30pm EDT || ESPN3

Come on Maryland, just throw the ball to your two stud wideouts and let them do work. If CJ cant do it, perhaps a QB controversy brews. Control the ball in this game and this should be a win.

There we have it.  The normal rules apply: no illegal links, no risqué images and we are good.  Keep the profanity down unless we start repeating the last two weeks, then well, I understand.