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Week 4 Afternoon Thread BIG BIG BIG

Good start for the Big Ten thus far.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a good start for the Big Ten thus far. Iowa pulled off the comeback upset at Pitt following Jake Rudock going down with an injury and CJ Beathard coming in to save the day, fulfilling many an Iowa fans wishes. There was a question as to whether Rudock was pulled or whether he was injured, which Ferentz confirmed was the latter following the game. So we've got a full blown controversy in Iowa City.

Meanwhile, Maryland is taking care of business against Syracuse in the Carrier Dome, Michigan State absolutely crushed Eastern Michigan, Northwestern beat Western Illinois, Purdue had a convincing win against Southern Illinois (who cares if it's an FCS team, Purdue needed it) and Wisconsin did things to Bowling Green that are illegal in 38 states. I advise you not to look at the box score for that Wisconsin game. It's NSFW.

Maryland is still playing (if you care, it's over), Rutgers is getting started against Navy on CBSSN, Michigan is taking on Utah on ABC/ESPN2, Penn State/Minnesota are on the BTN at 3:00PM CT, Illinois takes on Texas State at 3PM CT on ESPNNEWS and Indiana takes on Mizzou on the SEC Network at 3 as well.

There will be a late game thread for Nebraska and Miami tonight.


Have at it. Same rules as always.