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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 5

Grab your Coke products, your free tickets that you got for buying them, and head out to the Big House! It's time for WWBWWBD!

The days are getting shorter and the nights are starting to get a little chilly. Fall is here and with fall comes conference play. And with conference play comes heavy drinking. So where is everyone going to be this weekend? And what is everyone going to be drinking?

babaoreally: I will be in West Lafayette watching Purdue play their hated rivals, the Iowa Hawkeyes. I would like to point out that a nickname based on bird anatomy is really dumb. I shall be drinking some Goose Island whatever in the South End Zone patio.

GoAUpher: I'll be in Seattle, WA drinking good beer at a brew house somewhere in downtown Seattle with my brother. Actually, I'll probably be catching the game on and off while we brewery hop our way around. If the Gophers are winning I'll anchor myself at one of the locations to make sure I don't miss it. If they're losing I'll probably stop paying attention. Either way, lots of delicious beer will be consumed.

Ray Ransom: I'll be at the homestead watching the game with the kids. By "watching the game with the kids" I of course mean "borderline professional wrestling while attempting to watch the game and get a freakin sip of beer in between OH MY GOD STOP CLIMBING ON MY HEAD". Looking forward to excising the demons of the 2010 Homecoming Disaster vs. Tulane with Jersey's own River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale, because fall is upon us and there is no escaping it. Go Knights!


(Seriously, how awesome is that box?)

MNWildcat: I'll be in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, celebrating Oktoberfest with the gal and a friend of ours who's in grad school out there. Beer will be consumed en masse, most of it cheap or German. I'll probably catch parts of the Northwestern game if I can beg a bar to put it on in the corner for me, though I doubt I'll be successful. I probably won't feel too badly about missing it.

Jesse Collins: I'll be at home in Omaha, starting my day bright and early with some friends as we hopefully (not for them) watch Everton defeat Liverpool in the first Merseyside Derby of the year. Then it's a full day of smoking pork, peppers, and maybe some salmon in preparation for the Nebraska game that is starting far too late for a CST game.

Andrew Kraszewski: In EastLansingLand for the second consecutive week, watching MSU take on time-honored opponent Wyoming for homecoming. The weather is supposed to be summerlike, so I'll go with Atwater's State Fair pale ale. Can't give in to #ALLPUMPKINEVERYTHING just yet. I've also decided to start watching specific players on every snap they play in a half-baked attempt to evaluate how well they're playing. This week's honorees/stalkees are LT Jack Conklin and CB Darian Hicks. Perhaps if you all wish really hard, I'll turn it into a new article series, since I know how much you all want to read more about MSU.

Mike Jones: I'll be home in Des Moines, again, relaxing and drinking something mixed with vanilla vodka. See, I'm really trying to cut carbs because my long dancers legs are getting a little chubby. So in an effort to work on my thigh-gap I'm moving on to mixed drinks for a while. It's amazing what you can make with vanilla vodka. Vanilla vodka and Coke, vanilla vodka and Sunkist, vanilla vodka and cream soda/root beer. The possibilities are endless. Of course, this is assuming that Iowa takes care of business against Purdue and Beathard does all sorts of sexy stuff out there. If he doesn't I'll be drinking Jake Daniels. Just Jack. Lots of Jack.

KC_HAWKEYE: I'll be at my apartment in Tallahassee grading midterms and watching the Hawks continue to oscillate between kinda good and horribly terrible. I might sip some Corona with lime (don't judge me) while I do this.

Candystripes for Breakfast: I will be in Bloomington, IN, watching Indiana try and hold onto momentum for more than a single football game in a row. If I get a drink at the game, it'll probably be Coke (IU being a Coca-Cola school, after all). Afterwards, there will probably be a stop at Mother Bear's (best pizza in Bloomington), where some form of Pepsi will be consumed (because variety is good once in a while).

Aaron Yorke: I took Thursday and Friday off for Rosh Hashanah, so I will be working on Saturday! Pass the coffee, please. I should be able to at least keep track of some of the games, including NU vs. PSU. Go State, beat the Wildcats.

C.E. Bell: I will be in Grand Rapids, showing off the new kiddo to the in laws/grandparents. My father in law enjoys Honey Brown, so that is on tap as Northwestern disappoints me again (although they and the Bears have not lost since my son was born....)

MC ClapYoHandz: I find human evolution fascinating sometimes. It's 2014, mankind has traveled to the moon and back, we have treatments for the deadliest of diseases, and anyone with an Internet connection can interact with people around the world instantly. Yet the same people responsible for these innovations haven't yet evolved beyond doing that thing where two people walking toward each other keep juking back and forth in the same directions when trying to get out of the other's way. Then you have to do that awkward smile and over-exaggerate the direction you're committing to so you don't crash into each other like Neanderthals. Why isn't there a cure for that? These are the types of thoughts likely running through my head in Madison, Wisconsin, as I enjoy a Whole Hog Cognac Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale or two before watching the Badgers steamroll USF at Camp Randall.

Brian Gillis: I'll be in San Francisco this weekend, watching from afar as Shane Morris (likely) leads the Wolverines against Minnesota - and (just as likely) finds out that Michigan's problems go much deeper than just who's under center.

I probably don't need to keep telling you guys this at the bottom of all of these articles, but let us know where you'll be and what you'll be drinking this weekend.