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Week 5 OTE Staff Picks

This week you'll get our picks for the upcoming conference and non-conference slate!

Leon Halip

It's that time of the week again!  This week we have both conference and non-conference games to pick from and the added bonus of everyone picking who is covering the spread.  Well, sort of.  Ray didn't really know how to pick against the spread so we have to decifer for him after he gave us predicted scores.  We forgive you this week, but get with the times! (We're ignoring my gaff from last week).  We're using the spreads as of Wednesday morning at 10am EDT when I e-mailed the games for the week out.  Next week I plan to start putting everyone's results in as well so we can see who is good and not so good at picking.

South Florida at Wisconsin (-34)

Wisconsin 9-0 to win || Wisconsin, 5-4 ATS

DJ Carver: Wisconsin wins, and covers that ridiculous spread

Graham Filler: Wisky, covers

Ray Ransom: Wisconsin, USF covers with Wisconsin winning 35-17

Aaron Yorke: Wisconsin wins, USF covers with Wisconsin winning 38-11 (editors note: 2 point conversion or safety?)

Andrew Kraszewski: Wisconsin, covers

MNWildcat: Riding high over their win at home against UConn, South Florida brings a ton of momentum into Madison and briefly flirts with covering the spread.  Then the ball is kicked off, the game begins, and Melvin Gordon reduces Willie Taggart to tears.  Badgers, 55-10.

Mike Jones: Bucky rolls but I'll take the points.  34 seems too high even for a garbage AAC team.

Jesse Collins: Wisconsin wins, covers, and runs for 300 yards

GoForThree: A few weeks ago we called them the University of SoF***ingbad.  Now, they're 2-2 after putting a scare into turnover-happy Maryland.  I thought the line on Wiscy last week was big.  THis is worse at -34.  Badgers win, but don't cover, 48-20.

Tulane at Rutgers (-12)

Rutgers 8-1 to win || Rutgers ATS, 6-3

DJ: Rutgers, covers

GF: Rutgers, covers

RR: Rutgers, covers like a boss (42-20)

AY: More disrespect for Rutgers, more money in the bank for B1G fans.  RU wins 28-10

AK: Buttgers to cover (hahaha you can't flag this)

MJ: Wait, so Rutgers has a couple of impressive victories and they're only favored by 12? Well, I'll go with Rutgers to win by 3.

Jesse Collins: [Rutgers] Wins and covers

MNW: I literally have no idea what Tulane does, and unlike last week, I can't pretend I care enough to look anything relevant about them up.  Rutgers 21-10

GoForThree: Relying on Gary Nova is the worst of all nightmares in a state that is NYC's perpetual bad dream.  Tulane wins.  20-13.

Iowa (-10) at Purdue

Iowa to win 8-1 || Iowa ATS, 7-2

DJ: Iowa, Purdue covers.  I'm never picking Iowa to cover when they're giving more than 4 points.

GF: Iowa, covers.

RR: Iowa, covers.  27-13.

AY: Purdue coming off a win? But Iowa is back! Hawks win, 23-9.

AK: Iowa to cover

MJ: Iowa covers on the road, the SEX CANNON throw for 3 TDs.

JC: [Iowa] Wins and covers

MNW: You suck, Purdue.  You still suck.  Iowa in an offensive explosion, 27-10.

GoForThree: Call me nuts, but it feels like Purdue's time.  Ferentz won't stop Rudock from starting, and Purdue seizes the moment, 24-20.  Also, I appear to be low on meds.

Wyoming at MSU (-31)

MSU 9-0 to win || Wyoming ATS, 6-3

DJ: MSU, Wyoming covers

GF: MSU, Wyoming covers

RR: MSU, covers 52-13

AY: Pretty sure I was the only one to have Sparty covering last week.  Might as well keep it rolling.  Sparty wins 42-3.

AK: Forgot to pick his own schools game. [ed. note: AK later announced that he chose MSU to win and cover]

MJ: I think Wyoming is better than a 31 point dog.  I think Sparty "only" wins by 3 TDs.

JC: [MSU] Wins, but does not cover because Bohl ball everybody

MNW: In lieu of pretending I give a shit: the Wyoming fight song is the best thing about this game.  Just go listen to it and tell me you're not secretly at least a little Wyoming fan after that.  MSU 41-14.

GoForThree: It's a TRRRRAAAAAAAP.  MSU underestimates Wyoming for 2 quarters before pulling away.  MSU wins handily in the end, 37-17.

Northwestern at PSU (-11)

PSU to win 9-0 || PSU ATS, 7-2

DJ: PSU, covers

GF: PSU, NW covers

RR: PSU, covers 35-17

AY: Can the Lions score on someone who is not UMass? Nits win 24-10

Andrew: PSU to cover

MJ: Nothing I've seen from Northwestern has impressed me.  I don't even think they looked that good against Western Illinois.  I'll take Penn State to cover.

Jesse Collins: [PSU] Wins, covers, and makes NW fans long for basketball

MNWildcat: As I've mentioned these last few days, Northwestern is currenlty executing the longest slow play in college football history, in which it's revealed that the "run the ball three times a series / punt on 4th and 9" strategy employed against Cal, Northern Illinois, and Western Illinois was really just to deny James Franklin any film of the 5-wide, snap-it-with-:20-on-the-play-clock spread offense Mick McCall and Fitz have drawn up.  After the game, Fitz fedexes Franklin a note saying "Try to get out of 2015, fucker." Or the complete opposite.  Penn State, 24-20.

GoForThree: I'm still chuckling at the assertion that 2015 PSU's ofense will be "terrifying."  There's still a chance that 2014 PSU's offense could be terrifying in the opposite sense as league play progresses.  Penn State wins this one, but consider the haplessness of Northwestern.  PSU 35-13.

Maryland at Indiana (-5)

Maryland to win 7-2, || Maryland ATS, 8-1

DJ: Maryland

GF: Maryland

RR: Maryland, 30-27.

AY: Apparently it took a few days for people to realize that the IU vs. Mizzou score wasn't a typo. Maryland looks strong as well, though. Terps win, 35-31.

AK: Maryland

MJ: The enthusiasm surrounding the Hoosiers dies quickly on Saturday. Maryland wins.

JC: Maryland: In pretty typical Hoosier fashion, a huge win is followed up by a crushing loss.

MNW: Two bipolar teams doing bipolar things. I flipped a coin, and it came up heads. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten to assign either side to a team. I have made it a long way in life doing the opposite of what Mike Jones says, so I'll take Indiana, 34-24.

GoForThree: Is Indiana the popular choice now? I hope so, because I need so desperately to be popular. Maryland coughs the ball up too many times and Indiana seizes the chance to build on last week's win. Hoosiers, 38-34.

Minnesota at Michigan (-12)

Michigan to win 6-3 || Minnesota ATS 8-1

DJ: Michigan, Minnesota covers.

GF: Michigan, Minnesota covers.

RR: Michigan, 24-21.

AY: I'm as baffled as you are. Michigan somehow, 13-10.

AK: Minnesota, straight up.

MJ: I'm sorry what? Michigan a double-digit favorite? Despite being a tire fire, Michigan is still a Big Ten football team. Minnesota is also a Big Ten football team. A Big Ten football team that cannot throw the ball. I'll take Michigan to cover.

JC: Minnesota - I'm taking Coca-Cola with the cover (But really, Michigan is winning this game because everyone is saying they won't. Pride is a funny motivator.)

MNW: Jim Delany shows up at halftime and announces that since neither team has even attempted a forward pass without someone hurting themselves, he's taking the Jug and sending both teams to their rooms. Minnesota, 28-24.

GoForThree: If Leidner plays, Minnesota wins. Maybe. Not really. Meeechigan hangs on to win a stinker, 28-21.

Cincinnati at OSU (-16)

OSU to win 9-0 || OSU ATS, 5-4

DJ: OSU to cover

GF: OSU to cover

RR: OSU, 35-28.

AY: Cue up Katy Perry. There's gonna be fireworks. OSU, 45-38.

AK: OSU, points.

MJ: Ohio State covers.

JC: Cincy has shown be nothing. OSU wins and covers.

MNW: Gunner Kiel does it again! No, just kidding. But Ohio State gets the ball thrown all over on them. OSU, 38-31.

GF3: Urban Meyer has had two weeks to improve the Buckeyes for their third home showing. They're not world-beaters by any stretch, but the Bearcats aren't either. Talent and preparation should carry the day, but expect to see UC blitz their minds out in an attempt to harness VT's magic. Ohio State, 38-17.

Illinois at Nebraska (-20)

Nebraska to win 9-0 || Nebraska ATS, 6-3

DJ: Nebraska covers.

GF: Nebraska, Illinois covers.

RR: Nebraska, 38-13.

AY: Because I need something to watch while breaking the fast next week. Huskers take it, 49-10.

AK: Nebraska, points.

MJ: LOL Illinois. 'Skers by 30.

JC: This is a trap game. I hate big wins followed by an 'easy' opponent when gearing up for a bigger game. Nebraska wins, but Illinois covers. Nebraska wins by 2 TDs still.

MNW: HAT. Nebraska briefly lets Illinois hang around, then the restless Memorial faithful heroically spur the Huskers on a streak of 28 unanswered points to close it out. Cardinals fans nod, smugly and approvingly. Nebraska, 38-17.

GF3: That's unfortunate. Nebraska, 33-14.

Like DJ said, standings to follow next week! Let us know your picks in the comments. --MNW