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B1G Week 5 Opening Gamethread

We kickoff regularly scheduled conference play this week! (Yes PSU and Rutgers, we know you played each other)

Tevin Coleman rushing in his dominant performance against Missouri
Tevin Coleman rushing in his dominant performance against Missouri
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally time for some regularly scheduled conference games!  While PSU and Rutgers squared off two weeks ago to open conference play, we finally enter that point in the season where conference play is amongst us.  We have a few teams finishing up the non-con this week, and the rest of us are kicking off conference games.  Here is the lineup for the first set of games:

South Florida at WIsconsin || 12:00pm EDT || ESPNU

Wisconsin opened the week as 34 point favorites, and I'd fully expect them to beat that line. South Florida has already lost to Maryland this year, despite Maryland spotting them 6 turnovers to keep them in the game.

Tulane at Rutgers || 12:00pm EDT || ESPNNews

So Rutgers, life without Paul James for the season begins. How is Gary Nova going to do now that he has to be relied upon more?

Iowa at Purdue || 12:00pm EDT || BTN

Here you go Iowa, a defense that is going to rollover and take it. Well, maybe. Here is Purdue's chance to kickoff the season with a bang while it is Iowa's chance to build off of the big OOC win they had last week.

Wyoming at Michigan State || 12:00pm EDT || ESPN2

How did this game of all games make ESPN2? Yaaawwwwwnnnnnnnn.

Northwestern at Penn State || 12:00pm EDT || BTN

Does PSU build off their impressive offensive performance the week prior? Does Northwestern build some confidence off of the cupcake win they so desparately needed?

Maryland at Indiana || 1:30pm EDT || BTN

Well, I wish this was a homegame for the sole fact that 1:30 or later starts are awesome for tailgating. The Terps play in their first B1G conference game against Indiana in what should be an offensive show for the day. I'm not sure what the O/U is right now, but for entertainment purposes only I'd always take the over in this matchup.

Not a bad day slate for the 12:00-1:30 EDT games.  There are three games for the afternoon/evening slate as well, but I doubt this thread makes it that far.  The normal rules apply:  no illegal viewing threads, keep the profanity down (unless Wyoming is beating Sparty, then hilarity ensues), no porn, etc.