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Week 2 Afternoon Game Thread

It turns out cupcakes aren't as tasty as expected, let's change that.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin pulled away after a slow start for the expected blowout win, Illinois put up a nice 4th quarter rally to eke out a win, Rutgers handled some guy named Howard, Penn State took down Akron, Nebraska is putting in paperwork to have Abdullah knighted after barely escaping McNeese State, and Central Michigan destroyed [A GINGER'S SOUL] in a laugher. Let's look ahead to the afternoon games, already in progress:

Middle Tennessee at Minnesota (BTN)

Finally, a decisive game from the first snap. The Goofs Gophers are up 28-0 at the half in a snoozer.

Ball State at Iowa (ESPN2)

Ick, Iowa down 7-3 at the half, and I think I heard something about a Scherff injury?! Is he okay? Is someone tending to the Holstein? I NEED ANSWERS!

Northern Illinois at Northwestern (BTN)

Still scoreless at halftime, this is the most B1G game of the day. First one to make a successful dropkick likely wins/becomes Chicago's B1G MAC team.

Maryland at South Florida (CBS Sports Network)

Maryland is down 17-14 at the half in a scrapper. Get B1G, Terps! Remember, punt on third down if you have to, and weiner-pullin' is fair game.

That should hold us over until our brand name teams and MSU play tonight. Go B1G!