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2015 Power Polls

B1G Power Poll Week 13: The Vices Edition

Because it's time to trade college football for your regularly scheduled vices.

The B1G Week 12 Power Poll: Thanksgiving Foods!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Week 11 Big Ten Power Poll

Bread makes you fat?

B1G Power Poll Week 10: The Mariah Carey Edition

B1G Power Poll Week 9: The Dinosaur Edition

Let's see... Big Ten football + Dinosaur Expert + Power Poll. Yep, this is an awesome edition of the B1G Power Poll.

B1G Power Poll Week 8: Halloween Costume Edition

Because it's Halloween week and there really are a lot of bad costumes out there.

B1G Power Poll Week 7: World Records Edition

A wild weekend in the Big Ten deserves some wild world records comparisons. With a nod to the Guinness Book of World Records, we rank all Big Ten teams from 1-14.

Week 6 Power Poll: Bad Movies

What bad movie is your team?

B1G Power Poll Week 5: Canadian Imports Edition

After a successful Nail Polish color Power Poll, OTE community member BigRedTwice takes the reins and looks at just how well the B1G stacks up in comparison to our friends from the north. From Shatner to Nickelback, we're doing things Canadian.

Big Ten Power Poll Week 4: Sports Rants Edition


B1G Power Poll Week 3: Ryan Adams 1989 Edition

Sure, it's a cover album, but it's a good one. In fact, so good that it's the muse for this week's power poll. Yep, it's the Ryan Adams covers Taylor Swift's entire 1989 Edition.

The B1G Power Poll Week 2: Nail Polish Edition

It's the Post Week 2 Power Poll and a special guest writer drops by to give a different perspective on things. At minimum, it's a much better look than I'd ever put together, so pick a color and follow along from Ohio State to... not Purdue?!?!

Week 1 B1G Power Poll: Mario Edition

With one week in the bag, we're going to a classic video game, because life in the B1G often just feels like one big video game right?

The Preseason B1G Power Poll: Jock Jams Edition

It's been a while since we've been here, but the B1G Power Poll is back! This week, we're bringing you the soundtrack to your childhood sports highlights. Yes, it's the Jock Jams edition.