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A New Paradigm of Coaching and Fanbases

OTE Sports meets OTE Science meets the mind of MNW!

couple comments on the Iowa Postmortem thread got me thinking: How does a coach every create a culture of stable results while not winning it all?

Gentlemen! After years* testing in the laboratory and performing double-blind studies** and whatever else it is we faux-scientists*** do, realizing that correlation implies causation****, and drinking heavily*****, I've perfected****** it! I give you...

The MNWildcat Super-Awesome Coaching Success-to-Fanbase Response Paradigm

Alert the media! Start the presses! OTE is YOUR home for all things super-awesome and sports-sciencey!

*Like, 20 minutes
**Shut up, that's a thing
****It does, right?
*****Actually yeah, this one's true
******Fuck you it's perfect

But wait! There's more! Applying that to the Big Ten, we yield:

You're welcome, world.