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Weekend Sports Game Thread

Watching the bball games today? Bengals/Colts? Come discuss here!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

I went back and forth with making an open thread for basketball today, but then it occurred to me, the playoffs are today too.  That is all I needed, so come here and talk some shootyhoops as Maryland hosts Minnesota, Illinois takes on Ohio State, Michigan takes on Purdue, or Penn State taking on Rutgers (the nation will regret this being on ESPN2).

Maryland/Minnesota tips off at 12pm EST on BTN

Illinois/OSU tips off at 330pm EST on ESPN2

Michigan/Purdue tips off at 330pm EST on BTN

Penn State/Rutgers tips off at 730pm EST on ESPN2

The Wild Card also kicks off today as well, so feel free to throw that in there too!  Normal rules apply: keep it civil, no illegal streams, and any images keep them SFW quality.