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Across the Empire: Weekend B1G Basketball Game Thread

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Come watch B1G basketball with us this weekend!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Spend part of your Saturday here with us on OTE watching Big Ten basketball!

Home Team Visiting Team Network Time (CST) Time (EST) Line
Iowa #5 Wisconsin ESPNU/WatchESPN 11am 12pm NA
Ilinois Penn State BTN 12pm 1pm NA
#22 Indiana Rutgers BTN 2:15pm 3:15pm IND -13.5
Minnesota Nebraska BTN 5pm 6pm MINN -8.0
Northwestern Purdue ESPNU/WatchESPN 5pm 6pm NU -1.5

And if you still haven't had enough fun, we've got one game on Sunday

Home Team Visiting Team Network Time (CST) Time (EST Line
MSU Michigan CBS 12pm 1pm NA

OTE Disclaimer:

Talk amongst yourselves and remember the rules. No racism, sexism, hatespeak, etc. Don't post porn or illegal streams. Don't be a jackwagon. Use common sense. Have fun!