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Big Ten Stock Report: Week 6

We take a look at how each team is faring after the wild weekend

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

So, a little introduction to this: We are going to do something new this year.  We'll be taking a look at how each team fares after the weekend and whether their stock is rising, holding, or falling.  Given how Week 6 turned out I felt it only necessary to take a look at how the teams are doing through the wins and losses that were a bit...deceiving in final score.

Week 6.  Wow.  How many of us expected this weekend to turn out the way it did with Northwestern absolutely shitting the bed, Ohio State and Michigan State struggling, and Minnesota unexectedly finding an offense for a game? Let's take a look at how each team is doing after their Week 6 performance.

Stock Rising:

Michigan Wolverines - Well well well.  After losing to Utah to start the season, Michigan has done nothing but win and in the past three weeks, done so very convincingly.  Michigan absolutely blasted Northwestern this weekend in a much anticipated matchup of unbeatens.  Michigan blanked Northwestern 38-0 with an impressive ground game and stout defense.  Next up: Michigan State.

Iowa Hawkeyes - Iowa has continued their impressive 2015 season, moving to 6-0 on the season behind an impressive rushing performance by Jordan Canzeri, putting up 256 yards against Illinois.  They can't rest though, Next up: Northwestern.

Penn State Nittany Lions - That was not expected Penn State.  Sure, Indiana was coming off a heartbreaking loss to the number 1 team, but no one expected your hapless offense so far this year to put up 29 points against a 4-1 Indiana team and win the game.  Your stock is tentatively up, that is, until you get to take on the number 1 team in the land.  Next up: Ohio State.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - What's this, you know what offense is? This can't be.  It was Purdue after all, but still 41 points is impressive from a team that showed absolutely no comprehension of what offense was prior to this.  Next up: Nebraska.

Stock Holding:

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - I almost put you in stock rising Rutgers, almost.  That was very impressive, hanging with Michigan State all the way through the game.  Getting Caroo back certainly made a difference.  Next up: Indiana.

Michigan State Spartans - I don't know what to do with you Sparty.  You are a Top 5 team but that Oregon win doesn't look as impressive as it did, and you're having trouble ending games early like you should.  Luckily you play Michigan next week and that should sort it out.  Next up: Michigan.

Ohio State Buckeyes - The same goes for you Bucky.  What do you want to do on offense? You are also playing way under your billing and I'm not sure what to make of you and your shaky QB situation.  Too many good things is apparently a bad thing sometimes.  Next up: Penn State.

Illinois Fighting Illini - You lost Illinois, but your tentatively holding.  You are a pleasant surprise this year and so far have done nice things.  I'm sure I'll regret acknowledging this in the coming weeks, but you're holding for now to see if you are going to play the footballs and roll over like previous years.  Next up: bye.  Can't lose that one.

Stock Falling:

Maryland Terrapins - Yes, Maryland, you played well against Ohio State and hung in there for three quarters.  I can't put you with Rutgers though with a 10 for 27 performance with drops gallore.  You'll need to look a bit more competent than that on offense and not solely rely on the other team continually forgetting to spy Perry Hills.  Next up: bye.  Can't lose here, stopping the weekly losing streak.

Northwestern Wildcats - Whoa.  What happened to that number 1 ranked defense? Michigan absolutely skullfucked you all in the Big House.  I hope you all were just unfortunate and ran through some proverbial buzzsaw team and this is not what you really are because you were a pleasant surprise this year.  Next week doesn't get easier.  Next up: Iowa.

Indiana Hoosiers - Injuries suck, but being down to your third string QB does not get you anything but stock falling.  Let's hope you all can get people healthy, otherwise that 4-0 start is wasted.  Next up: Rutgers.

Wisconsin Badgers - I can't even explain you all.  Alabama I could explain.  Is Joel Stave going to be first few weeks Joel Stave or conference play shitty Joel Stave? Last second field goal to beat Nebraska wasn't exactly awe inspiring.  Get it together. Luckily you should next week.  Next up: Purdue.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - The football gods absolutely hate you all.  Four losses, all in OT or the last 15 seconds of the game for a combined 11 points? That is some awful, awful luck.  Or coaching.  Next up: Minnesota.

Purdue Boilermakers - You guys are just used to this by now, right? Next up: Wisconsin.