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Off Tackle Empathy: We're Here to Help, USC.

We at OTE want to offer a hand to our friends at Troy.

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As all of us should be aware, a coaching change is traumatic. Even when firing a coach is justified or necessary, the fallout can be massive. A wrong decision in even the more deserved terminations can set a program back years and lead to huge losses.  It's possible that enough bad hires in a row could lead to a program never recovering past glory.  We don't want that for our friends at USC, who are facing a coaching search following the termination of Steve Sarkeisian today. It should go without saying that we hope Mr. Sarkeisian gets the help he needs to get his life and career back on track.

But right now, USC needs a new coach. Some people, such as my father-in-law, believe that helmet programs being great is good for college football. To some extent, I agree.  After all, theater with a great villain is better than without.  The Trojans need someone who understand what it takes to lead an elite program. Someone who has seen USC and their prestige up close. Someone who can recruit to an elite programs with ease.  That's why we here at Off Tackle Empire are here to help. We've sifted through the potential candidates and have come up with the perfect man to lead our friends at USC to the throne of the sport they feel they so richly deserve.  That man?

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