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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 7

Week 7 and we'll watch them fall

Week seven is upon us! A real rivalry game between good teams! Other games! People apparently drink booze mixed with pickle juice (gross)!

Ray Ransom
This weekend's impending insanity between Rutgers and Indiana - in which there shall be very little defensive secondary competency - feels like the time to break out the Picklebacks at the homestead. What's a Pickleback you ask? Well, friend, get ready for the best shot you've ever shotted. First, a shot of Jameson, then a shot of pickle juice (kosher dill, not something weird or spicy). The combination is nothing short of magical. It's like someone took the harshness of the whiskey and turned it into a kiss from the goddess of brine. Best shot you'll ever have and a great way to start a football game viewing experience...or end one...or keep one going or you get the picture everyone just shut up and drink.

Pickles are disgusting. Pickleback sounds like Nickelback distilled into booze form.

I will be in Evanston for Homecoming! Friday night is the HC parade, where I test my knee and all my PT work by marching sousa and seeing if I remember how to play not only "Push On," but even "Go U." Still, that'll be awesome, followed by free drinks in the Kellogg tent, the pep rally on Deering Meadow, and NUMBAlum bar night. Oh yeah, and then drinking down in Ravenswood with some of my graduating class. Living the dream.

Saturday will start early, likely with drinks with some of the BHGP crowd making the trip up to the Kemper Lot and Ryan Field. If I have my way, I'll have a nice, chilled bottle of Malort ready to greet them. (Chitownhawkeye, Cornshoe Hammaker, if you're reading this: you're doing a shot. Stop your bitching and take it.) Nice beers will no doubt be our drink of choice, but I'll regrettably have to leave the BHGP contingent to head to the NUMBAlum tailgate, where I will partake not only in good beer leftover from Michigan last week (So. Much. Bell's.) but also other crafty beers and, of course: HAMM'S. Postgame will be filled with sad or happy drinking. Either way, it'll be boozy.

DJ Carver
Thank god it's a bye week. Going up to northern Maryland to a friend's house warming party where many beverages will be consumed and various games will be on all day.

Going to a friend's house for the game. He won a free banquette style catering event, so we're going big time. Not exactly sure what the spread will be, yet, but it won't involve any work from me. Drinking assorted beers throughout the day and into the evening for the Cubs game. Go Cubs, GO!

Jesse Collins
Nebraska seems to lose when I'm at home during the game, so I might switch it up and meet up with some friends at a bar or something. What bar you might ask? I have no idea, but I'm sure the game will be on at all of the bars. Oh, and honestly, this weekend is all about Cubs baseball. I'm hoping Nebraska wins the $5 Broken Bits of Chair Trophy back from those filthy Gophers, but let's be real. I just don't, you know, buy that it's going to happen. I will be drinking water... because I am lame.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I will be at home watching (a hopefully healthy) IU take on Rutgers. Drink of choice is, as almost always, Vanilla Coke. I might end up with some evening plans, but I'm not totally sure what those are right now, so feel free to make something up in your mind as to what I'm doing. (Note: you will likely be wrong.)

I'll be in Evanston bringing some good beer bought from Binnys, probably Daisy Cutter, and I'll make my way over to where MNW and the BHGP folk are drinking, or some random tailgate.

I don't plan on travelling to Camp Randall to watch a mediocre Wisconsin team destroy Purdue. I'll be at home drinking DayQuil or possibly generic DayQuil.

Graham Filler
Ann Arbor. I will be in Ann Arbor. 50 degrees and cloudy, no rain. There will be a football game. There will be microbrews. The State of Michigan will be watching.

Brian Gillis
I'll be back in Ann Arbor again this weekend for the Michigan / Michigan state game. Can't miss this one.

Aaron Yorke
Please say I'll be watching Cubs vs. Mets. Please say I'll be watching Cubs vs. Mets.

I'll be home SOON! Vegas was a creepy crawling mass of humanity. I'm not a Vegas guy.

In Milwaukee, drinking the last of my 612 SIX and some Michter's limited release toasted barrel finish bourbon

I'll be at historic TCF Bank Stadium watching the Huskers and Gophers battle for the legendary $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy and drinking a Coke or two.

Thomas Speth
I'll be at work during the badger game. And drinking (like I am now) because my job is awesome and I'm awesome.


We need to know where you will be and what you will drink. Tell us in the comments and we won't have to have our goons follow you to find out.