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Week 7: Big Ten Open Thread

I've overheard that Lays is sponsoring the Michigan-Michigan State game...

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Finally to full on conference season! Things are well under way and some teams are getting much needed byes.  Maryland has a new interim coach and Illinois is starting to look more Illinois, so it's a ripe time for both teams to have a bye to adjust themselves.  As for the teams actually playing, here they are:

#17 Iowa at #20 Northwestern (+1.5) || 12:00pm ET || ABC/ESPN2

Can Iowa put up enough offense to win the game? Northwestern's #1 defense looked much more Northwestern last week when Michigan took them out back to the wood shed.  Can they forget it and return to form? Can Iowa keep up it's magical season that no one saw coming?

Purdue at Wisconsin (-23.5) || 12:00pm ET || BTN

Not sure Wisconsin covers that large of a spread, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's Purdue so they are going to win anyways.

Rutgers at Indiana (-5.5) || 3:30pm ET || BTN

That spread materialized fast for a game that was pick 'em as of Tuesday.  Rutgers has a more than legitimate chance of pulling off the upset here with Indiana as banged up as they are.

#7 Michigan State at #12 Michigan (-7) || 3:30pm ET || ESPN

All the chips are on the table here and D'Antonio is playing his #DISRESPEKT card as hard as he can.  Let's see if they can put up enough to win and not get worn down by the Michigan state running game.

Nebraska at Minnesota (-2.5) || 3:30pm ET || ESPN2

The <a href="">$5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy</a> needs to become an official thing.  Make this happen!

Penn State at #1 Ohio State (-17.5) || 8:00pm ET || ABC

I think ESPN/ABC wish they hadn't scheduled this one so early and let the season play out.  Michigan/Michigan State would be a better prime time game this year.  Anyawys, how long does Ohio State take to turn it on this game? That's the only question.

That's it! Enjoy watching and as always: No illegal streams, no illicit photos/videos/gifs/vines/etc., keep it civil (Fuck Michigan), etc.