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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 5

Party time in Evanston

It's time for conference play to really get going this weekend. We've got some "writers" who are also really going to get going this weekend: going to the games!

If you happen to be in Evanston this weekend, odds are you will run into an OTE contributor. Please do not make sudden movements or loud noises. They are simple creatures and can react wildly to unexpected stimuli.

Anyway, on to the drinks and places.

I'll be in Evanston, as always for home games. I'll see if I can find some tasty Surly beer in cans at Binny's for this game (I can drink it in bars) for the visiting Vile Gopher Menace. Failing that, I'll just buy stuff at random.

Saturday is my 25th birthday. As a result, I'm going to celebrate making it another 365 days without dying of cirrhosis by welcoming Mom and Dad to Evanston for a morning tailgate (bloodies and brats) by the lake. The 'rents, in honor of me still trying to drink away my childhood of Growing up Gopher, will also be bringing the Summit Fall Sampler to help the cause. I'm sure one of our tailgate guests (a few NUers and some Minnesotans) will scrounge up Hamm's, because #TRADITION. Then STRONG DISLIKE WEEK will come to its climax. I hope I don't remember it. Afterwards (7pm), because I "don't have to if I don't want to," I will be hopping on a plane from ORD-MSP to see Ms. MNW run the Twin Cities Marathon bright and early on Sunday morning. And then I am gonna rent the fuck out of some cars.

I will be in Evanston (section 117) cheering on the Gophers. Going to a tailgate with 4 other Gopher fans and a Loyola grad (the gf) who may or may not actively cheer against the Gophers out of spite for making her go to a game. We will be at some fancy-pants nerd-alumni tailgate drinking copius amounts of high life light, bloodies, decent to good whiskey and whatever craft beers I bring. Half of us will probably be in hockey jerseys and at least two of us will be wearing gopher flag capes because alcohol reasons. Going to break out my gold Herb Brooks sweater for this one.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Oshkosh still drunk from the night before and probably in a bar again since alcohol on/near college campuses in Wisconsin is cheaper than water and safer to consume when you're in the Fox Valley.

Creighton M
The 11 AM kickoff is actually a good thing this weekend, because in the evening I'm flying back to Iowa City. I'll wake up, make breakfast with bacon that I'll pretend is from a badger and watch the game sober (as in only 3-ish screwdrivers) before heading to the airport. At night I'll be heading to Dublin Underground in Iowa City to pump myself full of Guinness as I celebrate or mourn the Hawkeyes, as appropriate.

We have waves. Big waves! I'll be surfing my face off most of the day. However, I will be planting my tired bones on the couch to watch the conference games. Iowa vs Wisconsin will be a great game. NW vs Minnie will be damn near unwatchable unless you have skin in the game. Unbeatens are going down...who will it be? I can't wait to lurk on the boards and soak in the suffering. Should be lots of fun. I'll be drinking something new, I haven't decided what yet. I saw an intriguing farmhouse ale the other day. May pick up a growler of that.

Brian Gillis
I'll be in SEC country this weekend, watching the Big Ten action from afar (I won't be attending any games, I'll be in the area for a concert in Atlanta). While in the Bible Belt, in addition to tuning into BTN, I'm hoping to take in a some Alabama barbeque, deep fried pickles (which aren't as easy to find in the Bay Area) and some Good People Brown Ale.

DJ Carver
I'll be batting down the hatches (not literally) in preparation for this tropical system to come through hoping that it makes landfall somewhere north of the chesapeake bay/atlantic ocean merger because if not that is going to be noooooo bueno for me with storm surge. Oh, I guess if MD/Michigan is still playing I might watch because if there is anytime this season Edsall might pull off some sort of victory against a better team, no better time when mother nature is playing the equalizer.

Andrew Kraszewski
I will finally make my way to the banks of the Red Cedar for homecoming, which will hopefully consist of MSU humanely snapping Purdue's collective neck without suffering any further injuries. Some family is coming to town and there are plenty of tailgates to hit so as to what I'm drinking, your guess is as good as mine.

I'll be on my couch watching the Gophers punt while distracting children and attempting the fun and exciting task of compiling month-end financial reporting. I'll be consuming copious amounts of coffee and flavored (mostly cranberry and orange) Red Bulls & Sprites.

Candystripes For Breakfast
For this momentous occasion (no, not OSU coming to town, but Indiana actually playing on national TV!), you can bet I will be parked in front of the TV at home, with a Vanilla Coke in one hand and the remote in the other, just in case things go very poorly.

At a friends place with lots of crazy small children, pizza, beer, and other small appetizers (woo, pigs in blankets).

I should be back in Nashville after a two week work trip. I'm dying to park my ass on the couch and watch football. I'll probably crack into a new drink my crew chiefs made up. They call it "Andy's Conundrum." Take a bottle of strongbow, slug a third of it, replace with Crown Royal Regal Apple. Invert and then enjoy your time travel trip to the future.

Halfway through the football day, I have to go to downtown Detroit to play in a band at some fancy wedding. Real pros keep their phones on a music stand with the sports app open constantly. I'm gonna be drinking whatever the hell is complementary.

I'm gonna hang out at home and watch the Purdue-MSU "football" "game". Then I'm going to go to a corn maze and try to vanish into the corn like in Field of Dreams. If successful, I won't ever have to watch a Purdue football game ever again. Wish me luck.

Jesse Collins
I'll be taking in Nebraska-Illinois from the friendly confines of my house... which is the fifth game in a row from home and maybe a sign I need more friends or something. Anyhow, this weekend, I've decided to try and perfect a ramen recipe. My current thought is to do some sort of smoked beef with like, sesame and soy and honey finishing sauce, then I'll do a soft-boiled egg, scallions, crazy spicy broth, and throw in some mushrooms and whatever. I don't know, this is what I am planning on for now... Oh, and that game. I've set the O/U on total combined passing yards at 600. As my buddy David said, it's time to bet the entire paycheck on the over.

Aaron Yorke
I'm going to be in Atlantic City, New Jersey for my friend's bachelor party. It's going to be a real mess, and not just because he went to Penn State for undergrad and Maryland for grad school. Thanks to rain storm Joaquin, both schools kickoff at noon, so it will be interesting to see how quickly everyone can recover from Friday night and rev up the old engines for college football kickoff. With my luck, the party is going to be shifted to some seedy club by Saturday night, so I'll just have to slip away and catch the late games at my favorite sports bar in the Trop.

Graham Filler
Grand Rapids, Michigan for a wonderful wedding. Thankfully the 1:30pm wedding time and 5:30pm reception time leaves a perfect window for noon and 8pm football watching. The festivities are downtown and I will be checking out ArtPrize, Grand Rapids' amazing whole-city art show. I love to drink microbrews when in BeerCity USA --> So maybe a quick trip to Founders, Brewery Vivante, Grand Rapids Brewing Co. I consider GRBC to be underrated and a wonderfully quiet place. I get their lager.

Let's us know where you will be and what you will be drinking in the comments. Your whereabouts and drinks are at least as important as ours.