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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

Everybody's working for the Week 8

Will any game this week match the excitement of UM-MSU from last week?

Most likely not, but we've got OSU-Rutgers and NU-UNL and PSU-MD in an NFL stadium among other things. So quit whining; this weekend will be great.

Andrew Kraszewski
Current plan is to be present at Spartan Stadium with my younger cousins, indoctrinating a new generation of delightful Spartan fans for all of you to interact with :heart:

I will be in Baltimore for the PSU/UMD game. I expect that PSU fans will be the majority in the Stadium. I expect to have some great beers in Fells Point, possibly at the Admiral Fell Inn.

DJ Carver
I'll be in Baltimore for the PSU/UMD game. I also expect there to be a majority of PSU fans...but whatever. I think the players will come out energized under Locksley. Handshakes may happen this time around.

A potential DJ Carver - 87townie meeting in Baltimore. It'll be just like an episode of The Wire.

Brian Gillis
After three cross-country flights from California to Michigan in four weeks, I'm taking a break this weekend by ... flying to Austin to catch the Longhorns battle K-State. When this trip was conceived, I didn't know I'd be seeing the worst Texas team this century, but still looking forward to a football weekend in Austin.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Kingsford, Michigan surrounded by Spartan fans and a crippling lack of civilization. The two aren't mutually exclusive. At least there will be lots of PBR. Don't get me wrong, the UP is beautiful but I'm not looking forward to it potentially snowing on Saturday night because I'm approximately a 4 hour drive from the North Pole.

I'll be in Talladega, Alabama all weekend camping/tailgating for the NASCAR race. I've always wanted to do this. The Illini may need me, but Dale Jr needs me more and we go way back. AT&T, please bless my phone with 4G coverage so BTN2GO will work on Saturday. I'll be decked out in my orange gray and blue gray for the Illini though. I have a 48 rack of Costco light beer and my cohorts are supplying much liquor. Redneck paradise will be great people watching. ROLL DAMN JUNIOR NATION

I'll either be watching the game at home, or at Gamekeepers in Lincoln Park with some Northwestern fans from InsideNU and some season ticket holders that sit near me in section 126. I'll be drinking stuff that's on tap there.

I will be at home, in Nashville, because I am seriously the lamest person on earth. Since it's Buttgers I don't know that I'll throw a ton of attention toward the game, other than to make sure JT has it sewn up by the half. I'll probably rifle through the fridge for stragglers. I have a Yazoo Gerst Ale or two left, which is a local Nashville revival of the famous Gerst Haus ale that was once brewed in town. I may have a Boddington's Pub Ale hiding in there as well, which will be perfect since my '74 Triumph TR6 needs to have the re-upholstering finished once and for all, and some "caburettor" work. Might as well have some of Britain's finest whilst wrenching on one of Britain's worst. As usual, hobby work will naturally come after a day of watching the other B1G games and cruising through beers. It's a wonder the car even starts.

Ray Ransom
"...other than to make sure JT has it sewn up by the half..." Um. Excuse me there Captain Confidence. Did you see the MSU game? Could have swung either way because Sparty came in a little too cocksure. Yes, you guys have a great team, but if that great team is already trying to decide between "Shake it Off" and "Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae" for the last track of your "OMG 2015 PLAYOFF ROAD TRIP FOR REALS" mix tape, we could see some fireworks. Yeah, you guys will probably roll us, but I think it's going to be closer than anyone thinks. I'll be on-hand for the big affair, most likely nursing my 13th Flying Fish Red Fish, in honor of the boys in Scarlet. Should be a packed house with a ton of energy.

GoFor3: Closer than anyone thinks: 30 points. I do appreciate that you'll be nursing one in honor of OSU.


I will be sitting on the couch of a couple recently-engaged friends in Eau Claire, WI, trying not to throw things at their nice TV while chasing down either of their two cats to hang onto for the game as therapy. Their claw marks on my arms will serve as reminders of how terrible the 'Cats are. I will try to sterilize the wounds with gin in the hopes that it seeps into my bloodstream and gets me drunk quicker. I'll probably drink something from Leinie's, since I'll be in the heart of Leinie's country. A Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout, let's say. Mmmm. After the game I'm going apple-picking with that couple and Ms. MNW, because Fall Break for me is "Spend two days in archives in Minnesota, then hand over your balls to the gal for the rest of the weekend." Go 'Cats.

Creighton M
I'm going to take advantage of Iowa's bye week to catch up on some homework, so I'll have to keep it sober for most of the day, but that doesn't mean no junk food. I'll be making sweet potato chili, which is exactly as delicious as it sounds. I find that it tastes better with ground turkey because using ground beef tends to unbalance the flavors a little too much. I picked up some Oskar Blues Old Chub Nitro for the night games (I said keep it sober ​_most_​ of the day...I'm not a puritan).

Jesse Collins
So, apparently I'm going to be going to the game on Saturday. As it is, this is the first - and perhaps only - opportunity I have had to get to Lincoln. After what I imagine will be a stressful Saturday morning, I hope to get back in time to take my wife to the big fight in Omaha, because, well, come on. There's a title fight in Omaha. That's gotta be worth something.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I expect I'll find myself at home, watching IU-MSU and hoping that maybe the team will actually put it all together for once (spoiler: they probably won't). Regardless, I expect Vanilla Coke will be consumed.

Graham Filler
Indiana v MSU, East Lansing. Tailgating by the Hockey arena and by the stadium. Had some 312's last week, feeling like...hmmmm something from Bells. Love Bells. Best in Michigan.

Bye week so I'm going to get some barbecue and mello yello.

I'll be in beautiful Big Lake, MN celebrating my step-grandparents 50th anniversary, watching ISU vs. Baylor because I'm going to need a laugh, and hitting the Grain Belt I'm bringing because these are good boring Scandinavians and they don't have much of anything available.

After your third grainbelt, you start to get an aftertaste reminiscent of blueberries. Especially if you are eating popcorn at bloco during Sunday/Monday flip for drinks.

I'll probably be in milwaukee drinking new glarus two women watching random games.

It's bye week for Iowa so won't be doing anything too special. Most likely just hanging out with my daughters watching whichever game looks to be the most interesting. Probably won't be drinking too much, either. Pretty boring, which actually sounds pretty nice right now.

Now it's your turn to join the excitement in the comments!!