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OTE Week 8 Stock Report

DJ Carver lets you know whose stock is on the rise, 8 weeks into the season.

caaaaaption contest
caaaaaption contest
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Stock Up

Ohio State Buckeyes - That was mighty impressive after [finally] switching to J.T. Barrett full time.  Barrett ran and threw the ball as well as any this week and gave head coach Urban Meyer no reason to question the QB situation after this game.  When you score 5 total TDs, controversies go away quickly.  Next up: bye.

Northwestern Wildcats - Well hello there.  You've been absent the past few weeks and we wondered where you had been.  You guys are moving back up after a few demoralizing losses, but 2015 Nebraska is just the right remedy for everyone it seems.  Next up: Bye.

Wisconsin Badgers - I caveat this.  Do we get more of Bart Houston or will Joel Stave be back? Houston looked good for a Wisconsin quarterback in relief of Stave, who passed the concussion protocol after being knocked out of the game but certainly didn't look like it when he returned.  I still am confused by a Badger team that doesn't look so hot running the ball, but Clement should be back soon to fix that.  Next up: Rutgers.

Stock Holding

Michigan State Spartans - That score is a little deceiving...but a win is a win.  Your stock is holding steady, but you are damn close to sell mode if any of the injuries from this past weekend are a long term concern.  Good thing your next up is a bye so you can rest some guys and hopefully get some back on the field.

Penn State Nittany Lions - You won, barely, but that was more of a result of Maryland continually refusing your gift wrapped present of winning the game.  Like Michigan State, a win is a win, but unless Donovan is going to let Hackenberg throw the ball up against Cover 0 all game and cornerbacks aren't going to look for the ball, I don't think the offense is anywhere near productive this year.  Next up: Illinois.

Stock holding due to bye (and didn't lose to bye): Iowa Hawkeyes, Minnesota Golden Gophers, Michigan Wolverines, Purdue Boilermakers

Stock Down

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - I had hope that you all would at least hang in this one with OSU after their shaky performances to put teams away before the second half and your propensity this year to stay in games where you don't belong.  Unfortunately you were on the wrong end of Ohio State finally making the right QB decision and remembering what J.T. Barrett could do.  Next up: Wisconsin.

Indiana Hoosiers - What has happened to you, Indiana? You've went from 4-0 and taking the #1 team in the land to the final play to dropping four in a row.  Part of that is injuries, but dropping four in a row will put you in stock down mode no matter what the excuse is.  Take a week and figure it out.  Next up: bye.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - I thought derping games away in the fourth quarter was behind you.  After taking the lead to start the fourth quarter it looked like you were going to take control of the game, but then it all slipped away.  At least in this one it didn't happen in the last minute of the game.  Next up: Purdue.

Illinois Fighting Illini - I really thought this was going to be the year you all made some strides after ridding yourself of Tim Beckman.  You started off mighty impressive and even scored a win over Nebraska, but it looks like you're falling just short of expectations.  You hung in there with Wisconsin, and have a chance to score another conference win against Penn State.  Next up: Penn State.

Maryland Terrapins - You were almost there.  Penn State gift wrapped the win for you but you couldn't get past yourselves, turning the ball over a total of five times and failing to drive the ball in for scores.  Sure there was a controversial play that gave Penn State a TD, but there were also stalled drives at the six yard line, a missed field goal, and turnovers deep in Penn State territory that did you in.  Next up: Iowa.