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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 9


Halloween is on a Saturday, which is pretty cool. It's sort of a bummer for the Halloween partying types, as they don't get an excuse to party on a normally non-partying night. But it will be cool to see more students in the stands dressed up in costumes than normal, though. So there are positive and negatives to a Saturday Halloween.

Let's get to it; where will you be and what will you be drinking?

I'll be back on Amelia Island, fighting traffic as the Georgia fans flood in, in anticipation of the annual Cocktail Party game in Jacksonville. One year, I went out to a bar to watch the Penn State game on that day. There are probably 100 bar tv's on the island. I asked every one if they would let me watch the PSU game. The answer was always no (or, do you want to get me killed???). I finally found one guy...ONE...who would turn off the fucking Ga/Fla game to let me drink beer and watch the game. Needless to say, that's the bar I continued to go to for years after.

DJ Carver
I'll be watching the game at home, probably finishing putting up all these blinds that have been sitting around in between watching all the games on. The honey do list consists of that and setting up the guest room so between that and football my weekend will be full. Beer will obviously be consumed for house work.

I'll be in Chicago getting shit hammered trying to forget the Gopher game as it happens. I'll also have a moustache, handcuffs, and a toy gun.

I'd also like to add that I will be drinking to Coach Kill's health and to celebrate what he built in his 4 and a half years with the Gophers. Brought respectability back to the Twin Cities and made Saturdays (and sometimes Thursdays) fun again for the Gopher faithful.

TCF Bank Stadium. Alcohol.

Milwaukee, likely pretending football doesn't exist and letting the gal drag me around the city to look at the fall colors or some shit. If I can sneak a flask with me, I promise I will.

Graham Filler
Grand Rapids. Somewhere amazing. Because #PureMichigan and #MicroBrews.

Chilling out at home, seeing if there are any trick or treaters brave enough to go out in the cold rain. Might try heating up some apple cider, since it is fall.

Candystripes For Breakfast
Castleton (on the north side of Indy), celebrating my birthday 2 days after the fact at Buca di Beppo. I will be paying very little attention to football, since Indiana's on bye, but also because Buca and pasta means I won't need to think about much the rest of the day due to #foodcoma. I'll probably be boring and have some kind of carbonated beverage with my meal, just because it's a family gathering, and I've never been big on wines.

Brian Gillis
After four games in five weeks - including one in a near-hurricane last weekend - I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend, enjoying the games from the comfort of my couch. If I only had access to some Founder's All-Day IPA.

Ray Ransom
I'll be watching the game in-costume as Green Lantern with Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash at the homestead. While I don't expect Rutgers to win, I do expect a batshit insane crowd in Wisky on Halloween. Accordingly, I will be losing my shit and drinking whatever pumpkin Ale the wife throws down my gullet. Personally, I don't love the stuff, but I do love getting in the spirit of the season, so bring on the sweet stuff!

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Oshkosh probably just waking up in time to watch the game since I work Friday night. I might opt for some screwdrivers with breakfast. I have a bottle of Tito's calling my name.

I'll be at home, watching football and relaxing since Northwestern is on bye week.

Whereabouts unknown; presumably bleach?

Let us know where you will be, what you will be drinking, and if you are going to be wearing a costume in the comments.